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Here's a nice modification that adds quite a few new units to Zero Hour, and gives each side an extra Vehicle Hero unit.


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Here's a nice modification that adds quite a few new units to Zero Hour, and gives each side an extra Vehicle Hero unit.

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Created by: Darrel "aka Ocelot" Molina (I'm a newbie in terms of modding Generals so I hope you all like my first mod)
            You can e-mail me at [email protected] or write to me here in the Philippines (just kidding)

Thanks to the ff.:

First and foremost to "Decimator" for his mod "reborn" (I'd modified his mod)

****By the way these were also the people whom Decimator thanked for his mod which also I would also extend my gratitude to***
ChrisV80 for models
R62bsms for Online Beta Testing
CnCMatrix Community
Airforce Mod Creator
DJRowley for the Pathfinder Laser Designator help
Gneralsfiles Community

***also to my wife and son***


1. Copy and Paste the "Art" folder to where you have installed your Generals:ZeroHour. (ex. C:\Program Files\EA Games\Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour)

2. Copy the "INI" folder and paste it inside the folder named "Data" which is located in C:\Program Files\EA Games\Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour\Data

3. Now start your ZeroHour Game then Play the Mod!!!


1. First and foremost my mod has still has bugs that needs to be rectified

2. You can play this mod in skirmish and challenge but the computer AI (all except Tank,Airforce and Super Weapon Generals) cannot build certain units (specifically the "new hero units")
   note: maybe in my next version I will try to correct this...

3. Some units needs to be balanced (maybe I think)

4. Due to some new spectacular particle effects, certain slowdowns would be encountered specially when things start to explode!! hehehe....

New Units:

1. Each faction has a new HERO unit (In vehicle form)

a. America: Advanced Crusader armed w/ Laser Guided missiles, Tow Launcher, and variable speed main gun (Up to 3 can be constructed)

b. China: Inferno Overlord armed w/ double barrel flame thrower, gattling cannon, and Inferno Shell (2 can be constructed)

c. GLA: King Scorpion Tank armed w/ double barrel main gun, scorpion missiles w/ cluster bomblets, and ballistic shell (2 can be constructed)

d. Super weapon General: Alpha Aurora Bomber armed w/ cluster bomblets and revised bombs (2 can be constructed)

e. Air Force General: Comanche armed high caliber cannons, bunker busting missiles, and saturation rocket pods (3 can be made)

f. Laser General: Sentry Drone armed w/ Devastator rocket and two Particle Firing Battle Drones (2 can be made)

g. Tank General: Emperor Overlord armed w/ double barreled main gun w/ variable speed, Gattling cannon, and remote/timed demo charges (1 can be made)

h. Infantry General: Commando Soldiers armed w/ anti personnel rifles, mortar, remote demo charges, and can call an inferno artillery (20 can be made)

i. Nuke General: Nuke Cannon armed w/ Mega nuke shell, Neutron shell, and EMP shell (only 1 can be made)

j. Toxin General: chemical King Scorpion Tank armed w/ two barreled toxin sprayer, toxin rockets, and can carry up to 2 personnel (3 can be made)

k. Stealth General: Warlord Marauder armed w/ Toxin mega shell and Demolition mega shell and can also disguise into any vehicle (2 can be made)

l. Demolition General: Nuke truck armed w/ nuclear bomb, can carry up to 4 infantry and can disguise itself (up to 3 can be made)

m. there are other special units and changes that are too many to name.


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