Axis Of the Matrix beta v0.98



The latest gunrun mod. Adds matrix stuff from final hour. Numerous audio changes. Have fun!



The Gunrun's 5th Mod: Axis Of the Matrix beta v0.98

Readme & Mod by The Gunrun.

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-This mod is intended for use for CnC Generals ZeroHour ONLY-

      Tested using latest version of Generals ZeroHour (v1.1) without problems.

       Long Live Westwood
     Forever..Long Live C&C!

Copyright December 23st, 2003:

You Have permission to use my files for modifying your Generals game. You do not have permission to edit them without my permission. Ifs, ands, ors, or buts are not within my league! Just ask me! E-Mail me @ [email protected] to ask for permission.

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Features of Mod:

1) Supply Centers now give out 500$ every 12 seconds

2) CIA Officers are now trainable at all usa barracks

3) The Large Airfield from the airforce mod is added to all usa and gla generals.

4) The b3 bomber now is constructible at the usa's large airfields and the b3's payload is much lighter

5) All infintry at the non general sides are now trainable in only a few seconds

6) The Intercontental Balistik Missile Silo is now added to all of the usa generals.

7) The Tomahawk Storm superweapon is buildible on the regular usa side and the superweapon general's side

8) All superweapons have double the destructive capibility

9) The Ranger's weapon is fully automatic

10) Voices that were taking out of the game have been reinstalled for use

11) The Anthrax Gama plane is now contructible at the gla airfields

12) The GLA's stinger soldier is now buildible at the GLA's barracks

13) The Biohazard Soldier is now buildible at all of the usa's barracks

14) The EMP Mig is now added to all of china's airfields

15) Black Lotus can now call in Napalm Strikes ever minute

16) GLA can now construct the Baikonur Rocket Pad uplink station which launches the Baiknour Rocket Superweapon (Reload time 3 minutes)

17) The USA and China now can build the POW truck which carries 4 converted POWs that will fight for you

18) The MOAB and the Nuclear Missle now are Weapons of Ultimate Destruction

19) All Generals Promotions take much more time and effort

20) New Level of general is added "President"

21) You can now command yourself if u chose to play as a general. (If this unit dies the game becomes much much harder)

22) If u play as a general u get 5 units to command as soon as u start the game just like in ra2 and ts.

23) You can now build the "Nuclear Super Reactor" This building suppys 1000 power to your base

24) The Redguard now use faster rifles

25) Rebels do more damage

26) The Troopcrawler is now amphibius

27) The Hummvee is now able to ride up mountains

28) If u play as a general and that general unit dies you lose the ability to make the general's dozer

29) The extra general dozers/workers u can build at the reg command centers require a tech building inorder to build (e.i. strategy center, palace, ect...)

30) The Dragon tank gets a new design

31) The Red Elite is now added to china's barracks (requires propraganda)

32) Spectre Gunship is now commandable at gla's airfield

33) All vehicals that use a drone upgrade get double the drones

34) I added the BlackBird Bomber to the USA's large airfield

25) The Range of all tanks are doubled

26) All china's sides can now build the Advanced Airfield which can support nine Migs

27) Artillery Barage is now napalmized

28) All high level anthrax weapons such as the anthrax bomb or the baikonur superweapon now uses white anthrax which is much more powerful and it looks better.

29) The Sentinal from the matrix is now added to all special air fields (ex: china 9 mig airfield, gla airfield, usa large airfield)

30) Agent smith is now added, this unit can manifest clones and can run faster than humans

31) Small changes to the internal game data have been added to provide the best fps posible and more

0) I added much more but i can't recall

	Click the AxisMatrixB.exe file and folow the directions

	Click the AxisMatrixB.exe file in ur zero hour directory
Known Bugs and Issues:

This is a beta file so please be prepaird to experience bugs and glitches.

If you find a bug in the game please send with a screen shot if posible to [email protected]
This wouldn't be posible with out the help from Mr. Tinkles and eRe_ from the forums. The Large Airstrip is from eRe_'s airforce mod. get it at http://generalsfiles.com

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