Baghdad Outskirts



Baghdad Outskirts is a map that mimics, you guessed it, Baghdad; and it does a very good job of it. There is a big city which you can find UN units and even terrorist units inside the city. It even boasts a part of the city where the citizens are. Out side the city there is things like oil derricks and an airport. Also, when the player attacks the UN units or the terrorist ones, they attack back at the unit that was attacking it in the first place. The only thing holding this map back is the AI, as the computer doesn't work on the map; but it's still fun playing with your friends on.



"Baghdad Outskirts" is a good facelift of the custom map "Saddam City" 
for the game Command & Conquer: Generals

Map Name: Baghdad Outskirts

Map Author: Lucker23 Email: [email protected]

Released: originally 23/10 2005, updated 03/03 2007

Usage of Map: Multiplayer Online or Skirmish mode against the computer

Players: 2-4; 2on2 and 1on1 recommended

2003, the outskirts of Baghdad.

Start Conditions:
- 6 Supply docks, each player 1, 2 to be captured and secured
- 2 Oil Derricks for each player
- 1 hospital, to be captured and secured
- 1 oil refinery, to be captured and secured
-> balanced

map preview:

northern part of map:
Sadr City; a wealthier district of Baghdad; UN embassy

--------------Tigris River-------------------------------------------

southern Part of map: 
"Saddam International" Airport; desert landscape; highways leading to Saddam City

Installation: extract the "Baghdad Outskirts" folder to a folder called:

X://My Documents/Command And Conquer Generals Data/Maps/

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