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Conquer or die is a mod for Command and Conquer: Zero Hour which in players get control of powerful units and fun new generals.

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Conquer or die is a mod for Command and Conquer: Zero Hour which in players get control of powerful units and fun new generals.

In this mod the player gets to choose new generals and new units, although most of the other generals are gone. There are also other cool things like all of the GLA units have new textures, there is a lot more general powers, and super weapons can only be acquired when the player is rank 4. The USA air force general can get A-10s, JSFs [which hover!] and harriers, along with other goodies.

Conquer or die is just a beta remember, this means that not all of the generals the team wanted to put in are here. There are also a lot of missing info on camos; the pictures on the new units are very generic and look like they are just screen captures from in game. The mod is also really unbalanced, 6 rpg troopers can take out a gatling cannon and other very "strange" things can happen. Review [list] Fun Factor- Although there is many problems with this mod, it is surprisingly fun! Almost everything in this mod [unit wise] is new so you will have hours of fun just trying out the new generals and seeing what the new units do. Balance- The balance in this mod is hard to rate because although this mod makes units realistic, it makes it super unbalanced. RPG troopers kill rangers in 1 shot, air craft is lightening fast, ect. This sort of unbalance does make the game cooler in a way though because there is bigger battles that are fast paced; but this often results in lag. Creativity- This mod is average on the creativity side, but I think I've seen the models in this mod before, but I'm giving the team the benefit of the doubt. Some of the units in this mod are based off of real life, but I like the way they make the other units that aren't in real life seem real.

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Download 'conquer_or_die.rar' (51.02MB)

Maker: Stack111
Last modified: nov 16 2006

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If you are downloading from
download winrar before you download conquer_or_die.rar
then open conquer_or_die.rar after you install winrar

to install

place the conquer_or_die.big into your zero hour main directory

zero hour main directory- the folder you installed zero hour, C:/program files/ea games/Command and Conquer Zero Hour

If you Have C&C the First Decade, it should be something like: C:/program files/ea games/Command and Conquer The First Decade/ Command and Conquer Generals Zero hour

to UNinstall
Simply Delete the Conquer Or Die .big file

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