Defensice Tactical

This is a great two player map. In the middle it is seperated by a river, that has a bunch of boats in it, the usa boats. There is only one...


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This is a great two player map. In the middle it is seperated by a river, that has a bunch of boats in it, the usa boats. There is only one bridge going across. There is a line of buildings on each side, giving you a good line of defense. It even comes with a little story! This map is fully ai enabled so it is a great skirmish map or a good online map. :thumbsup:

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Defensive Tactical
A 2 player turtle map by CoyotePete

Released Tuesday, October 14th, 2003

STORYLINE: After a crushing defeat in the battle of the Bering Straits, the US 2nd fleet is all but destroyed. Two of the Pacific Command's five aircraft carriers lie on the bottom of the sea, and a good deal of its guided missile cruisers and fast attack craft are no longer seaworthy. Seeking shelter and time to repair before the next attack of the enemy fleet, the American battlegroup has put into port somewhere on the southern coast of Russia. 

The ships are in disarray... the aircraft carriers all have bomb damage on their upper decks, the guided missile cruiser USS Baltimore has beached itself on the shore to avoid sinking. The rest of the fleet's ships do not have the ability to power up their laser defense systems, and the aircraft carrier USS Charleston does not have the ability to launch aircraft from its deck.

Although the Admiral in command of the 2nd Fleet feels safe now that he has reached a supposedly safe harbor, little does he know that ground forces of the Russian Federation and the Republic of China, eager to gain control of the high-tech ships, are advancing on the port. It will be up to a small force of American marines to defend the only bridge leading into the city from attack, and thus protect their fleet from being captured.

Who shall be victorious and take control of the satellite-based laser systems in use by the 2nd fleet? Only you can decide!

ABOUT THE MAP: When I first started playing skirmish games in Zero Hour, I realized that it was missing one type of map: a map for turtles! There is only one bridge linking the city together, and the civilian buildings on the shore can be garrisoned to protect it.

And since I'm such a generous person, I added a capturable Chinese airfield and adjoined reactor for the GLA to use against their opponents. There are 2 oil derricks, 1 refinery, 1 repair bay and 1 reinforcement pad for each side.

AI is fully enabled on this map.

And as added eye candy, you can see the ships of the US 2nd fleet in the river.

ABOUT THE CREATOR: This is my first map! I got bored now that I'm on dial up and it seemed to be a reasonable project for me to do. And it came out quite nicely...

Feel free to email me at [email protected] or AIM me at petethecommie


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