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This brings the Destructive Forces mod up to version 1.2. If everybody keeps reporting bugs, there's a good chance there will be yet anothe...


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This brings the Destructive Forces mod up to version 1.2. If everybody keeps reporting bugs, there's a good chance there will be yet another patch!

You Need Version 1.15 installed for this to work.

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Download '' (4.23MB)

This update includes everything from small bugfixes and tweaks to completley new units.
Main focus was bugfixing and balancing. For a full list of changes see below:

* Make sure you have DF 1.1 or later installed.
* Run the executable and you're ready to go.

---------Changes since version 1.15---------
China Artillery general:
* Max one overlord artillery, also decreased health slightly 
* The master defence bunker got upgraded specs; Longer attack range, better armour, now consumes 1 power,
fixed an infantry exploit, made the garrisoned troops immune to clear building attacks and made them sustain
80% shared damage with the bunker. Note that to fix the exploit I had to make the infantry be spawned outside of the bunker.
* Fixed issue with dragonfly missiles not exploding
* Fixed issue with the nuke cannon 
* Fixed issue with the Artillery Command center
* Replaced the devastator tank with a standard battlemaster (slightly downgraded). 
* Removed the screamer jet

China Infantry general:
* Added a new unit; the "mini dragon" which is a cheap armed and armoured personell carrier.Resistant
to radiation.
* Can now build the Devastator tank once the harmageddon nuke has been built. Chain gun upgradade moved
to propaganda center.
* Changed the minetank cost, also lowered health, max One. Weapon reload time increased.
* Lowered range and damage made by the super cannon bunker.
* Nuclear missile health lowered (the building).

China EMP&Napalm general:
* Replaced the J-10 fighter with the screamer jet.

China Tank&Naval general:
* Added a new tank; colossus
* The reinforcmentpad now consumes 6 power. Also decreased health.

USA Assault General:
* Blackbird has ammo pips. Now only carries 2 bombs.
* Fixed commanche not recieving any rocket pods after upgrade 
* Added a new tank; The "M9E Abrams".
* Replaced the firebase with tomahawk defence.

USA Air force general:
* Glory Pigeon has ammo pips
* Fixed a bug causing the game to crash 

UsA Tech&Naval general:
* Can now build pathfinder
* Increased cost for the firebase, also made it consume 2 power.
* Made some adjustments to the Prototype Paladin
* Made some adjustments to the mammoth tank

USA Commander in cheif:
* New model for the crusader artillery
* Slightly lowered range and increased cost for the crusader artillery.
* Barracks now consumes 3 power.
* Replaced the tomahawk defence with a new structure;The "Superior laser cannon".

GLA General changes:
* Added the jinjan cannnon as a superpower for some generals.
* Added a new superpower for ALL GLA generals; The "Call for Jihad".
This will provide some great extra boost for the GLA. 

United Arabs:
* Fixed a bug triggering a small nuclear explosion when dozer got destroyed.
* A bug caused the following(1) three defences to become useless once the camo upgrade had been bought. 
It has now been fixed by removing the upgrade ability:
*(1) Missile anti-air defence. Also increased the range and weapon damage. 
*(1) Mega Rocket Defence.
*(1) Cannon defence. Also increased cost and build time.
* UA can now build Angry mob, saboteur and jarmen kell.
* UA can now use the emergency repair.
* Changed the power consumed by research facility from 10 to 3
* Added a new unit; The "RB transport".
* Added a new unit; The "G8-Bomber jet".
* Added a new unit; The "Spagger".
* Added a new unit; The "long range scud launcher".
* Osamas tribute, jinjan cannon and scorpion tanks were replaced. 
* Fixed a bug causing the reasearch facility to become invisible when playing on a snow map.

GLA Stealth&Naval general:
* Made wider spread for the missiles used by the superweapon.  
* Fixed the GPS scrambler 
* Fixed a bug that made the hijacker unavailable

GLA Toxic warfare general:
* Removed ability for the artillery defence to upgrade to camo netting.
* The toxic wing bomber power now makes some damage too.

GLA Terror leader:
* Can now build osamas tribute instead of toxic tractor.

*And some additional smaller changes and fixes.Also lowered camera start position. If you want
to get even closer just zoom in with your mouse wheel.

* Special thanks goes to Nuker at CnC files and the "Reborn team" for providing * 
* the foundation (Reborn V5) on which Destructive Forces is built upon.         *
* Special thanks also goes to the numerous ppl that made this project possible  *
* by sharing their models and code.                                             *

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