Devastation on its Way

A team based 8-player map with a big city separating the two sides. The city's streets are very narrow, so it is a very bad idea to be the...


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A team based 8-player map with a big city separating the two sides. The city's streets are very narrow, so it is a very bad idea to be the Chinese Tank General. Infantry rule this map. AI can't navigate the town either.

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Map Name: Devastation on its Way
Creator: DoubleBET
Released: September, 2004
Players: 2-8

Map Made For: C&C Generals: Zero Hour ONLY
File Size: 111 KB (Map Folder)
Terrain: Urban/Desert
Size: Large
Resources: Moderate (Average amount near start locations, large amount in 
the city)


	This map is the ultimate in building-crashing, tower-smashing warfare.  The 
map is divided down the center by a large Middle-Eastern city, which is 
located atop steep cliffs with only three access routes on either side.  
With a surplus of supply crates and tech buildings situated in the heart of 
this dusty metropolis, he who controls the city will almost inevitably 
dominate the battlefield.
	I worked very hard on this map to provide players with numerous strategic 
opportunities.  Despite all the advantages that the city provides, trying to 
remain in control can be quite difficult.  The city is littered with 
countless low-armored towers which, when destroyed, can collapse and 
single-handedly take down several buildings as well as anything else in its 
path (such as passing tank division, perhaps?).  If a tower is fired upon 
from the correct angle, one can actually cause a devastating domino-effect 
of falling towers.  (I know, maybe not that realistic, but come on, falling 
towers are so much fun!)  In addition to these unstable spires, other 
buildings are also carefully placed to provide players with certain tactical 
advantages (I won't give anything away here; play the level and discover 
them yourself!).
	If all else fails and the enemy keeps pushing you back farther and farther, 
I set aside a small region of the map on each side of the city where players 
can make a "last stand."  Here, rivers provide only a small bottleneck for 
incoming ground forces to pass through.  As long as you have some spare 
funds, who knows how much havoc your remaining forces can wreak!  Just be 
careful about building too close to those structures with the radiation 
symbols on the sides...
	I payed a lot of attention to artistic detail when I created this map.  See 
if you can envision the purpose behind each aesthetic feature; try to 
picture the struggle U.N. forces are going through as they fight to remain 
in control of this hostile region.

Installation Directions:

Place the "Devastation on its Way" folder in the following location upon 
My Documents -> Command And Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data -> Maps
and enjoy!

Other Notes:
- Don't expect large numbers of tanks to win this game for you!  The thin 
urban alleyways essentially require your tanks to drive single-file.  
Infantry are much more effective.  If you're looking for a city map with 
more wide-open areas, check out my first map, "Leave No Man Behind".  Here 
are two links to it.  If for some reason neither of these work, search for 
it on Google and you can probably find other sites that have it:

- Since the success of this map relies heavily on teams starting at opposite 
ends of the city, it might be wise to upload the map to some players before 
actually playing it.  Then start the game a second time so that people who 
previously did not have the map can choose their start location.  Generally 
teams with random start locations will automatically be placed next to each 
other, but not always...
- This map is not skirmish-compatible.  I tried to get the AI to work but 
there's little-to-no hope that anyone could get it to efficiently navigate 
through the city.  Sorry!
- I included a script that APPEARS (from play experience) to significantly 
reduce lag and tech errors without affecting gameplay at all at the default 
game speed.  If anybody's an expert in scripting, check out my "Lag Fix" 
script and let me know if it really works.  It certainly seems to, but I'd 
like to know for sure for future reference.
- For some reason, when transferring this map to others via Generals Online, 
people have often complained that the map intro strings are "MISSING:".  I'm 
no scripting novice; I've created other maps, and I think I have done 
everything right.  Plus, when transferring a map online it displays properly 
on my screen.  I minimized the problem by giving each string the exact same 
name and body text (look at my scripting job to better understand), but the 
fact that many people see "MISSING:" in front of the text still annoys me to 
no end.  If anybody has any suggestions, e-mail me!

Happy Fragging...
-Eric Weber, AKA DoubleBET

And just as quick reality-check:  If things aren't going your way, do you 
really think that starting an unneeded argument with the other player will 
reduce your frustration?  Besides, badmouthing others only gives them 
greater satisfaction that they've beaten you.  IT'S ONLY A GAME, so let's 
keep it that way and make it more fun for everyone.  No fighting on the 
battlefield  :-)

"When I go home people ask me, 'Hey Hoot, why do you do it man?  Why?  You 
some kind of war junkie?'  I won't say a goddam word.  Why?  They won't 
understand.  They won't understand why we do it.  They won't understand, 
it's about the men next to you.  And that's it.  That's all it is."
- Hoot, Black Hawk Down

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