Full art of defence v12

Here is the final version of rigel6669's Full art of defence map. This map features 3 objectives: kill all the air fileds, Defend the build...


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Here is the final version of rigel6669's Full art of defence map. This map features 3 objectives: kill all the air fileds, Defend the building, and prevent 20 units from reaching the end points on the map. This is a very hard map and a good team with a mix of units and defences will win.

Thank to rigel6669 for giving me the map and I hop you enjoy:D

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Download 'full_art_of_defense_v12.zip' (75KB)

Map Info:

-Map Made for: C&C Zero Hour expansion
-Date: 16th jan 2005 
-Map: Full art of defense v12 
-Author: Rigel6669 
-Size: 300x380
-Climate: concrete/dirt 
-Time of day: Morning
-Players: 5 ( 4 human players and 1 USA AI player )
-Type: co-op multiplayer
-Resources: 1 money crate + 2 supply docks ( or 2 dropzones ) + 4 oil derricks for each player

Theme: Die hard

Scripted team map ( 4 humans vs 1 USA AI ) for coöperative online ( or LAN ) play. 

Place the USA AI starting position of the computer north as the AI base is situated
on the northern side 

Your objective is to complete a specified objective within 12 minutes of play

By choosing the army ( easy, medium, hard ) a different mission will be activated.

Easy = mission 1 = Road defense = prevent 20 units to reach the endzone below
Also prevent ANY boss unit to reach the endzone during the last 2 bosswaves

Medium = mission 2 = Protect the museum

Hard = mission 3 = Destroy all 14 enemy airfields before the timer has expired

In mission 3 the AI will use 2 fast loading superweapons during 5 min of play. 
Destroy 1 of the labs to reset the sw timers.

Human players wont be able to build aurora airplanes during mission 3!

WARNING: All 3 missions require a professional good team, there is no easy level!

Tips: Start building non-stop with at least 8 dozers from start
      Garrison the towers and bunkers with infantry as fast as possible  
      Helpout your teammates, teamwork is very important 

E-mail: rigel6669@yahoo.com

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Unzip the complete map folder in: my documents/command and conquer generals zero hour data/maps
Select the map in the unofficial maps tab 


I hereby only give permission to post this map on www.cncden.com and cnc.filefront.com 
Do not modify, copy and/or use the mapscript or map without permission of the author

Map design and scripts by Rigel6669 © 2004-2005

Special thanks to IxianMace for his help and for testing this map

Blacklisted illegal ( entire ) script copiers: Uncle_osama, titus-21-, mrg69, neocell

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