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finally, our first single-player map for Zero:Hour!! if its from deezire, it must be good right? yups. this mapis more of like a new challen...


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finally, our first single-player map for Zero:Hour!! if its from deezire, it must be good right? yups. this mapis more of like a new challenge, a new general to go against, n his nick, General Ironside. expect this map to be brutally hard, i played less then 5 mins n i had a big tank battalion throwing their crap on me. almost got wiped out in less then 5 mins!! hint: this map is more bout building your base up with loads of defense. dont go suicidal aight. plus, deezire added some new stuffs to build!! woohoo! check out e screenshots to see fer yourself. a great map, great powerful a.i -- all nicely done~ cheers to deezire!

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To: USA General
Subject: General 'Ironside'

897-A, Ironside


We have learned that our most decorated and accomplished General has intentions to defect to the Chinese along with the forces under his direct command.

Under Executive Order 13292 you are hereby given full authorization, including use of deadly force, to eliminate this threat.

You will face a military force superior to your own - General 'Ironside' had unique and exclusive access to several developmental technologies and advanced weapon protoypes. He commands unquestionable loyalty from his troops who will die for his cause even when faced against their own countrymen.

To support your mission, we have provided several additional enhancements to your forces;-

The POW Truck can be used as a standard troop transport, however it can also be used to force enemy units to do the right thing and defect back to our side - allowing you to incorporate them into your own forces to augment your attack as well as gain intelligence on enemy unit movement. Should your POW Truck be destroyed, the Detention Center will automatically despatch a new one to you.
The Detention Center can now be re-employed in the capacity as an intelligence gathering facility. When active, it will automatically relay information to you in the form of enemy unit movement as the information becomes available from defected troops. This structure will also despatch a POW Truck to you.
We will reinforce you with a Repair Drone which will automatically repair nearby vehicles. Keep one amongst your forces to prolong their battle readiness. Should this unit be destroyed we will automatically reinforce you with a new one provided we can get a fix on your position by locating your Command Center.
Your Dozers have been equipped to construct Security Fences which will allow you to keep General Ironsides' formidable forces at bay should the need arise.

Your mission is clear General - you are to defeat our most highly respected military leader and most skilled strategist.

Naturally your full nondisclosure is expected and, should you fail, the Secretary will deny all knowledge of this operation - plausible deniability has been established. We expect and demand your very best.

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