Gold Strike Nevada

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 Gold Strike Nevada is a realistic experience guaranteed to have you playing and exploring for hours on end!  Plenty of building room allows you to construct massive basses in a highly detailed environment, depicting serval landmark locations based on the silver state, equipped with a rich economy and thriving ' Tech-Building' Infrastructure!





 Created on Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour World Builder, the original ‘Vanilla version of the game.
 Map supports mods, especially the Harder AI mod, which I used in the development process of this map. Here is the link to it..
  Moddb link:
 It truly is the real way to experience Zero Hour, as there is no comparison to the other standard AI. Just download the file and follow the instructions inside its' Read Me and install it.

    THE MAP!!!
    Gold Strike Nevada is a fairly large map based on actual landmark locations from the state of Nevada, in which I made Two trips to, and spent several months in person. I also studied from hundreds of pictures to gain an accurate resemblance.
 Some areas are ‘Striking close' in similarities’ with plenty of resources and tech buildings, guaranteed to power your operations through the luscious landscape.
 Each base zone is equipped with Two supply piles, plus an additional Six more supply Docks located in the center of the map for late game generations. There are also Twenty-Eight more Small supply piles scattered around the map if more is needed.
During testing, I actually seen the AI gather every bit of resources, all the way down to the last few small supply piles! 
 Intended for Six Players, you can also use ' Gold Strike Nevada as a ‘ Four Player Map, ticking the outer most starting positions and leaving the inner Two open.
  You'll find Deserts and lakes stretching across the battlefield with some deep canyons, all bristling with lively sound flags to create a wonderful vibe!
 Perched behind mountains and mesa's, The Western most players will be closest to the 'Gold mine, an open pit style mine based on world renowned Barrick Goldmines. There are Six Tech Oil Derricks along with a Tech Oil Refinery, adding to vehicle production. Bunkers stand nearby facing all directions to protect these assets. Capturing this area from the beginning can make you filthy rich!
 The Central most Two Players will have a choice to stab the very center of the map, reaping the benefits of a truck stop and weigh station, One with a Tech Oil Refinery
 and garrison points, right beside supply docks.
The Eastern most Players will fight through the city, loosely based on Reno and Carson, Nevada, with the south base zone coming equipped with Two Tech Reinforcements pads. 
A large highway bridge leads directly into each other's base zones! 
 The town boasts a Tech hospital, Tech Repair Bay, Tech Oil Derrick and One Tech Reinforcement pad. Gaining the upper hand here can grant you a definite hold on this map.
 The North Base zone at this end looms near a rouge Tech Oil Derrick as well as the wide-open airport/Industrial Park areas, including Tech Repair Bay, Tech Oil Refinery, Tech Oil Derrick and Two Tech reinforcement pads.
 The openness of the Airport area makes for a great staging ground, with all the amenities your forces need to sustain independently. Be sure to protect the Tech reinforcement pads here, as they will build up quickly!
 The Industrial Park area is along the West side of the map at the rail depot, brimming with small supply piles and less conspicuous access to the rest of the city, great for stealth procedures, all connected with a highway and exit ramps.
 Note* Colonel Burton can scale the highway ramps, simply descending, just as cliff climbing units like GLA's Rocket buggy or bikes.
I spent Two weeks and over One Hundred Hours on this project.
For more unique maps message, me at email below!
Jake A from Alabama. November 2022. 
[email protected]

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