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This is a good 8 player map for Zero Hour. AI is fully enabled makeing it Skirmish/Online compatable. Lots of suprises and very detailed. Tech and Civilan buildings all around.



Map Name: Hislander
Map Author: Mister V
Email Address: [email protected]
Released: 17-02-2004

Players: Max. 8 players/for Zero Hour/Skirmish AI enabled
Description: March 2017. China's secret nuclear research base on the island of Pao'yang in the Yellow Sea has been attacked by GLA Forces. It is a key point for oil but also secret technologies being tested in the depths of Pao'yang's secret lab...The little garrison of the town of Pao'li'yang was destroyed in the early stages of the battle by SCUD Storm strikes and by neurotoxic gas, as well as the lab's tank forces...But the GLA could not take it nor destroy it - YOU have to put an end to their forces in thizs region or...become a terrorist yourself and throw the global oppressors away!
Installation: extract or copy the folder (named the same way the map is) to (default) My Documents\Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data\ Maps

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