Infantry/Aircraft Rebalance Mod

This is a great mod from warnstaff. The mod changes a ton of INI and gives each side many new changes, like weapons powers unit powers etc


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This is a great mod from warnstaff. The mod changes a ton of INI and gives each side many new changes, like weapons powers unit powers etc.... Read the readme first on how to install this mod.

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Infantry/Aircraft Rebalance Mod

1: Installation
2: Changes
3: My Comments
4: Credits

Extract the INI folder into your ZH/Data folder and your set.
I do not know how this will work with other mods. I have not tested this with other mods installed.



Red Guards and Tankhunters have reduced cost, more HP, stronger and longer ranged weapons. 
Minigunners now have longer range and do more damage to both ground and air. Cost is reduced and two are built at a time.
Redguards and minigunners have increased firing rates.
The Battlemaster a machine gun on it now, but it's extremely weak.
The Migs now have a machine gun that can kill aircraft that have point defence and countermesures. They also have 2 more missiles, and they are morepowerful. The Migs also have almost double their original HPs. Can now detect stealth units.
Troopcrawlers now have increased HP. Infantry general troopcrawlers have even more.


Pathfinders are now available from start without any requirements except barracks. Slower rate of fire, much longer range.
Crusaders and Palidins now have ligh and extremely weak machine guns.


Jarmin Kell now has much longer range, slower rate of fire, and Vehicle crew killing has a slower recharge.
Jarmin Kell unit cap increased to 5. Stealth general can build without palace, has a 16 unit cap,  and lower cost/build time.
All toxins and toxin shells have increased damage.


All ranks now require twice as much experience to get, but has more generals points.
Rank 1: 2 points
Rank 2: 3 points
Rank 3: 4 points
Rank 4: 5 points
Rank 5: 6 points.

My Comments:

	This is my first mod that I've made for release, so don't tear my head of for every little mistake. I've done my best and I personally like it. It only took me about twelve hours over 2 days in a row.

	During my time making this mod, I extensively tested all modded fetures on SP skirmish, and I haven't had any problems.

	I decided to start making this mod when I got tired of having all my expensive chinese infantry die too fast from everything. So I started on this mod. I originally overpowered the chinese, but it got too easy, so I cut back on their HP and power. After I got it right, I realized that the chinese airforce was getting slaughtered by the american airpower, so I changed that. I got a little wraped up in the chinese at first that the other sides had almost no defence. The aircraft were the only thing that could effectivily deal with the infantry. So I lowered the infantry a bit more, and made USA and GLA snipers available sooner and more effective agianst the chinese infantry. This was working well, exept that the tanks were now losing more then anything else, so I gave the chinese and US tanks the spitball machine gun. It's not much, but it's just enough to balance the tanks and infantry. Somewhere along the way I added a few other changes, as stated above.

	Now remember, when you are dealing with chinese infantry, USE SNIPERS. They are the only ground unit that can take them out quickly without dying quickly.


	I did the entire thing by myself.

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