Lazer's mini-mod

A great mini-mod by laserbeam418, modifys many of the game features.


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A great mini-mod by laserbeam418, modifys many of the game features.

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Author: Ked Frick (a.k.a-Lazerbeam 418, Generals Files Staff)
Name: Lazers mini-mod

Ok, this is my first mod i have ever made. Now, it dosent have new units, but i think you'll like it. 
All this does is edit the ini. settings in the Rank.ini and Weapon.ini . Although, I did do alot to those files.
This mini-mod includes the following changes:

-Comanche has 8 Hellfires instead of 4, meaning less Comanches can take out tanks more quickly.
-Comanche also has 10 more Rockets added onto the Rocketpod weapon and fires the Rockets quicker.
-Alot of missiles have the exhaust trails changed. They now look more real, or at least i think so.
-The range of artillery weapons are extended, very extended.
-Damage from artillery weapons are very powerful. One tomahawk can take down a stinger site in 2 hits.
-Firebase range and damage are more, also the shell detonation is more real.
-Rocket Buggy has more Rockets per salvo, and launches them faster, also exhaust is changed there.
-Stinger sites have different exhaust.

might be more changes, im not sure. The damages are more real along with weapon ranges.
air power can take down those long range guys fast, also the basic tanks along with some infantry can
also put the hurt on fast. The Firebase can hit some of those artillery guys, except the Tomahawk...i think.

Extract the 2 .ini files or INI folder into your: 
|---------------------------------------------------------	|
|    C:Program Files/EA Games/Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour/Data	|
|---------------------------------------------------------	|
If no INI  folder is automaticly made then make a new folder with the name "INI" , no quotation marks.

Have fun, feedback is welcome, but it should be constructive critistism. 
Dont email to tell me that you dont like the mod. 
Just delete it if you dont like it.

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