CIA intellegence has picked up traces of a rather lethal, supposed "toxin", in the atmosphere off the coast of Tiriki beach. It has been...


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CIA intellegence has picked up traces of a rather lethal, supposed "toxin", in the atmosphere off the coast of Tiriki beach. It has been manifesting in this region for quite some time and is arousing new fears! More recently, somehow the GLA amassed an IRBM (Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile) and are believed to be installing this strange new "toxin" on the warhead. You are in control of a small strike squad to go behind enemy lines and retrieve the IRBM's targeting coordinates and obtain a sample of the toxin.

Because of its possible immenant launch, Commander 'Iron Man' Simpson will be send a very large Battalion to control the region and stop the IRBM launch.

This map has a lot of potential, and the fun-factor rates high! Enjoy.

Refer to the ReadMe for installation instructions as well as tips and other information.

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Download '' (2.57MB)

To install the map put the LIBERATION FOLDER in this directory
C:mydocuments/C&CZH Data/maps
To instal the Liberation.txt(used to run the scripts properly and more efficiently) put it in:

1) The GLA hangers are to the top left of your position, just over the cliff by the brown rocks - to take a short cut send your troops directly to the hangers once they r near the brown rocks.
2) If your sniper dies ealry on, you have like a 15 percent chance of beating the mssion
3) Use your A10 strike on the nearby tunnel when you start off.
4) Try forcing patrol groups to get close to your garrisend troops
5) The mountains are generaly accessable, by infantry only

Cool Stuff:
1. Constant attack waves and alot of cinematic figting i mean a lot!
2. You ally "Iron Man" simpson actually is usefull and helps you out.
3. A challanging mission good AI scripting
4. Airstrikes; big ones!
5. Plan your move, you have alot more advantages than you think
6. Burton and lotus are not stealthed, however ur sniper starts as heroic
7. The ai will build different upgrades depending on your tatics

!!Sorry if this lags for you but it will die down as the GLA get destroyed on the beach!!

Contact me for questions, comemnts, critizism, hate mail, chainletters or whatever(pertaining to this map) at:
AIM = sabatour059
E-mail = sabatour059@aim[dot]com..... unique i know!

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