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Here's another map pack for us to play with! 6 maps, all well done. These maps are above average, but not quite excellent. The texture jobs are good, but some of the maps have repeated texture on certain parts of the map, like a cliff for example. The maps are more creative than average maps. All of the battles should be straight forward with just a few options on which tech buildings to defend.

Bottom line: I liked these maps, most of all Icy Waters, and I would be more than happy to see more maps by these creators. Again, these aren't perfect, but they're far more advanced than most maps.

Pictures are in this order: Icy Waters (2 Player) Long March (2 Player) Moose Valley (2 Player) Water Forest (4 Player) Highway to Hell (8 player) Sand, City's And Canyons (2 player)

Update: To get the last map to work, you must rename the directory from 'Sand, City's And Canyons' to Sand, Cities And Canyons

Skirmish AI is supported.



Hello again.

Well this is this first time i come with a mappack.
These maps are made by my clan the Mapper-Guild.
I will give you a short description of each.

Highway to Hell (8 player)

This is one highly detailed 8 player map.
Plenty of tech buildings to capture, and more then enough build space.
Also there are strategical ways in your enemys base.

Sand, City's And Canyons (2 player)

This map is one huge Middle East city.
A few tech building on strategical locations.
Building space is sufficient.
Garrison Civilian buildings to increase your defense strength

Water Forest (4 Player)

This is one big 4 player map.
I self like to play this map, its good for intesive gameplay.
Enough tech building are scattered around the map to make the battle interresting.
Build space is more then enough.

Moose Valley  (2 Player)

Well i have to say this is one of the most intense 1v1 my clan had produced.
Few tech building placed in strategical locations so turtels will have to come out of there holes.
Multiple entry to your enemys base.
Plenty of build space.

Icy Waters (2 Player)

This is one cold blooded map.
Again this is a 1v1 map, with nice details.
Tech building are scarce but it will be enough.
Build space is again sufficient.
Guaranted Pwnage in this map.

Long March (2 Player)

This is one of the best maps to date.
Highly detailed and a good battle without lag.
Plenty of Tech buildings.
And one big piece of land to build your base.

This is al made possible by my team of highly decorated mappers:

-CrAzYkEnNy [RA2, Generals, Tiberium Sun Mapper and Mapper Guild-Leader]
-{LP}-Admiral-(NL) [Co-Leader, RA2 and Generals mapper]
-SpiderSpag [Generals Mapper]
-NGM: ZH [Generals Mapper]
-Tic-Tac 1098 [Generals Mapper]
-Moosy Crisp! [Generals Mapper]
-Centric Founder and Owner [Generals Mapper]
-Phantom Twinnie [Generals Map Tester]
-Grendies [Renegade Mapper]
-Warrior [Generals Map Tester]
-neder117 [RA2+Expansion mapper and Generals Mapper]
-Corpy [Mapping Advisor]
-ShortStuff [Map Scripter]
-Cyb3r [Mapper in Training]

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