MG Mappack IV



Hello there dedicated Zero Hour fans,

Its my pleasure to announce you that the Mapper Guild has released us another fantastic mappack, containing 5 high quality maps. The orginal pack had 7 maps, but 2 have been scrapped because they have been delayed, they should be in next months mappack. Yes, thats right. The Mapper Guild is planning to release a mappack every month from now on.

I'd like to give a short description about each map that is in the mappack.

Under Siege: by Crazykenny

Under Siege is a highly detailed, semi-urban map. It has a nice apocalyptic feeling, it also features a nice amount of wartorn landscape at the bottom of the city, in the south-west. There are a few tech buildings to fight over, but the ones in the map are placed strategically and and should create interesting fights if the two armies should meet. The terrain is very discouraging towards turtlers. It has wide open entrances into the 2 bases and also has 1 or 2 secret passages which can be exploited to surprise your enemy.

Heavy Metal: by nipthecat

Designed to be a fun map in the first place, it has turned out to be one of the most detailed maps in this mappack. Although slightly in the favor of turtling, this map still houses great and unique gameplay elements. This map is strongly recommended for comp-stomping or just to have fun on. This map is not perfectly suited for competitive online-play.

Attention: The map is designed to pit the player versus the AI. The map is designed so that the player is on the right side and the AI’s on the left side. Any other setup for the players is strongly discouraged.

Night Shift: by Lord Atlantis

You should leave work early and forget all about the Night Shift if you want to live and not be crushed by cold tank treads. Yes, this is another great map by the Guild’s second-in-command. A cold winter theme and great detail should keep you playing this map for hours and hours on. It's also highly suited for huge tank battles.

Maze of War: by Teukka

An interesting tournament map. It features a highly detailed maze and a variety of ground textures. The object count has been deliberatly kept low to make sure this map runs fast on even low end machines. Therefore this map is highly suitable for online gameplay. It doesnt give an advantage to any faction and is highly balanced. Can be played against or with the AI without any pathfinding issues.

The Hub: by Teukka

The most stunning map in this mappack. It has it all, a beautiful city, wide open landscapes and even ''custom'' buildings and other objects. There is little to say about this map other then to say it's pure eyecandy in every thinkable way. It has an Eastern-Europe theme, with nice grasslands dotting the landscape in between valleys and cities. It's highly suitable for both online and offline games.

Enjoy people :rolleyes:



In order to install this mappack:

Place the maps individually in: [HDD]:\Documents and Settings\[User Name]\My Documents\Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data\Maps

To uninstall them, simply delete the map files.

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