Mini Art of Defense

A small 2-human player version of an art of defense map. It's by the AOD wonder, Rigel6669


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A small 2-human player version of an art of defense map. It's by the AOD wonder, Rigel6669

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Map Info:

-Map Made for: C&C Zero Hour expansion pack
-Date: 4th november 2004 
-Map: Mini art of defense
-Author: Rigel6669 
-Size: 270x270
-Climate: snow 
-Time of day: Morning
-Players: 3 
-Type: Multiplayer/Skirmish
-Resources: 1 money crate + 2 supply docks + 4 oil derricks for each player

Theme: Paradrop snow map 

Scripted team map for coöperative online ( or LAN ) play.
By choosing the army ( easy, medium, hard ) a different script will be activated.

The computer ( has to be USA ) will be attacking from 1 ( easy ) or 2 entrance(s) and by air. 
Put the starting position of the ai below south.


Easy = Single player defense = Survive the 12 min nonstop attack spawns of the AI

The human startup position has to be placed on the lower half of the base!!
On this level the north valley will be filled up with water	


Medium and Hard = 2 player defense = Defend the fort in the map center during 12 min of play 

The game is over when the fort has been destroyed, so repair it when necessary with dozer/worker



- modified snow map for 2 human players vs scripted ai 
- dynamic attack script v1
- new teams: jarmen timed demo, demo battlebus, demo rebels
- new abilities: nuke bomber, napalm strike, flashbangs, lazerlock, combat drop   

My other zero hour maps:
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Knife_fight 8 ( 8 ) - Bermuda_8_triangle ( 8 ) - Wall_of_china ( 6 ) - Infantry strike II ( 6 )
Full art of defense v5 to v9 ( 7 ) - Full art of defense v10 - v11 ( 5 )


Unzip the complete map folder in: my documents/command and conquer generals zero hour data/maps
Select the map in the unofficial maps tab 


I hereby only give permission to post this map on and 
Do not modify, copy and/or use the mapscript or map without permission of the author

Map design and scripts by Rigel6669 © 2004

Special thanks to following map tester: IxianMace

Blacklisted illegal script copiers: Uncle_osama, titus-21-, mrg69, neocell

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