The ModToaster is an easy-to-use tool that allows for easy downloading and managing of multiple Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour mods. You can download, install and run any mod in the ModToaster’s list with just 1 click! Fast! Backed up by powerful dedicated servers enabling fast downloads.

See the readme for more information.



Downloading and maintaining mods is often frustrating. You need to figure out if you are running the latest version of a mod, the mod download links may be broken, your system can be filled with useless registry files, the mod may have endless updates and be incomplete. 
ModToaster takes care of all these issues, allowing you to just focus on your game.

The interface is easy to use, with a design that lets you use it like a normal Messenger program. It’s a light-weight program  (only a couple of MB), and uses only a small portion of resources. 

Hey, if life is a game, it better be worth playing!

Supported mods so far ( updated regularly ): 

*MidEast Crisis 
*Blitzkrieg 2 
*CnC Holland 
*The First Tiberium War 
*Imperial Assault 
*New Strike 
*Project Raptor 
*Generals 40k; Only War 
*World Rebellion 
*The Power of Hightech Warfare 
*Tower Defense : Trinity Force Demo V2 
*CnC Europe 
*An Act of War 
*Energy Mod 
*Rise of the Reds 
*Russian Invasion 
*Zero Hour Retarded

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