My Favorite Generals Enhanced



This is a mod for Generals: Zero Hour. It tweeks a few of the generals, setting them up with quite a few more things, upgrades, units. Read the readme for more info and enjoy.



My Favorite Generals enhanced
Air Force General
Nuke General
Chemical General

download files 
extract files
go to my computer/program files/ea games/command and conquer zero hour/data
then place the INI and Data files in with the other files 
and thats it enjoy!!


Air Force General

power plant building increased to 15

control rods increased to 15

also added the other power pland with the blue control rods power is the same but can give alittle better look with the 2 colors

supply drop every minute

get lazer tank

get lazer turrent

stealth fighter gets Moab dentination bomb price increased to 5000

raptor gets a vulcan gun to use against infintry priced increased to 2500

get a new jet aroura which has 4 fuel air bombs cost 5000

sniper is availale at the start also firing increased 

moab bomb shock wave radius increased alittle

just a little note i like the american side except for there super weapon the particle cannon it sucks 
so i made there air force stronger to be like there super weapon thats why all the price increases

Nuke general 

Nuke Cannon avalialbe at start

red guard gets gattling gun

hackers produce more money levels are 5,10,20,50

power plant increased to 20 

cracked power plant increases 10

Chemical general 

black market produces 100 every deposit

scud launcher availible from start

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