Naval Wars

Jets, Tanks, infantry, special weapons, BUT WHERES THE NAVAL?

Well here it is, It's a little delay, but better late than never!



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Jets, Tanks, infantry, special weapons, BUT WHERES THE NAVAL?

Well here it is, It's a little delay, but better late than never!

This modification is amazingly truely great, Adds all the naval APART from the aircraft carrier ( Can be done easily with some modifying and will be in some future mods i believe and hope and know. ) So get your engine's started, Kill your aircraft, Your men, Your tanks, YOU HAVE BOATS!

Happy Birthday Naval Generals :P

Have fun.


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Naval Wars - By Aaardvark


Extract the NavalWars.big file to the following folder:

C:/My Documents/Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data 


If you installed Zero Hour to the default path (most use the default) then use the 
shortcut included in this zip file, Just place the shortcut on your desktop and use it to play Zero Hour. Click on the shortcut and it will launch the Naval Wars Mod.

Special Instruction:

If you do NOT have your Zero Hour game installed in the default directory, then folow the instructions below:

Add the command line: -mod NavalWars.big to a shortcut to
Zero Hour, details below.

Copy the C&C Generals Zero Hour shortcut and paste the 
copy on your desktop, rename it to whatever you chose and right 
click it, then go to box marked "target" and paste in the following
line AFTER the target line already entered: -mod NavalWars.big

Use this shortcut when you wish to play Naval Wars.


IF the strings (lines of ingame text) don't work then there is a fix:

Go to your Zero Hour program directory ususally found at:

C:\Program Files\EA Games\Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour

and open the folder called "Data" then open "English" and look for 
the file named "generals.csf". Create a new folder and move that 
file into it, the mod should now work fine.

Please note most people should not have to do anything with the generals.csf file.


Important Note: Face the naval factory towards the water! The naval factory is actually a War Factory. It must be placed on land. Just make sure to turn the factory towards the water before placing the building. When you click on the factory you will see the options to build Battleships, Amphibs, and PT Boats. 



 Thanks to the following people for resources/tutorials 

 Gen Cameo Mapper 
 Written by Mastermind2004
 Visit GenDev at

 Cameo Tutorial: written by Tibmaker

 Panzerfather, creator of CSF-Editor

 EALA/EA Pacific for the game!

 Special Thanks to David Paularena for the original 
 concept and support ideas.

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