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This is NProject Mod. A CnC Generals Zero Hour modification.

This mod basically improves the Zero Hour game by fixing some reported bugs...


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This is NProject Mod. A CnC Generals Zero Hour modification.

This mod basically improves the Zero Hour game by fixing some reported bugs in the game, with tons of balances and improvement, also some new stuffs (70% balances and fixes, 30% new stuff). There are also additional units, buildings, upgrades, etc. for all factions and sub-factions (including Civilians)

This version of the mod is intended for multiplayer until the AI changed and adapted for this mod. However you still can play with AI even sometimes an unknown bugs causing the game crashes and close itself. It might be fixed in later version.

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Download '' (18.62MB)

;1. Installation Notes
This mod requires Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour version 1.04. Make sure you've installed the game and the patch
to play this mod, and there is no other mod installed in your game directory.

To install this mod, copy the [00nproject.BIG] to "Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data" folder in your
"My Documents" directory. Then use the shortcut file comes with the zip file to play the mod. If this way is not working,
just copy the BIG file to your Zero Hour game directory. But make sure there is no other mod installed in the game

If you have the previous NProject mod version, just replace the old [00nproject.BIG] file with the new one.

To remove the mod, remove the BIG file and the shortcut file.


2.0 General Balances/Changes
 - Better commandsets
 - Better units/upgrades cameos
 - Better units voices
 - Better command button descriptions
 - Improved animations
 - Improved scoring system (i.e. prevent battledrone spamming to increase the unit build score in the scoreboard)
 - All infantry use exploded animation when killed by suicide weapons
 - All infantry spill bloods when hitted by bullet and melee weapons!
 - All objects placed in correct locations in Worldbuilder unit trees
 - All factions' Cargo Planes standardized to the American one
 - Standardized unit transport size
 - Better stealth systems (i.e. Rebels reveals themself if they're taking damage)
 - Fixing some infantry units that use wrong voices when die
 - Now you can build multiple superweapons when the superweapon restriction turned on, but only ONE for each type.
   For example, if you build a Particle Cannon you still can build a SCUD Storm or a Nuclear Missile, OR another
   subfaction's Particle Cannon, or capture enemy superweapons. Use this advantage to dominate the game
 - Standardized weapon firing angle. So the artillery weapons can attacks even in the top of the mountains
 - Fixing attackable toxic infantry and burning infantry issue
 - Generals Power menu support more buttons

2.1 USA Changes
 General Balances and Fixes:
 - Only one Colonel Burton allowed for one player. For example, if you build Airforce's Colonel Burton you cannot build
   another Colonel Burton from the other subfactions
 - Colonel Burton health increased to 110%
 - Fixing Missile Defender Laser Attack ability animation
 - Pilot can have Chemical Suits upgrade
 - Pilot will not reduce movement speed when in heroic veterancy
 - You need an USA Barracks to build Ambulances
 - Hellfire Drone spawn right debris when destroyed
 - Fixing double Crusader hulk issues
 - Fixing Sentry Drone that sometimes not responding to player orders
 - You need a Strategy Center to build Avengers
 - Avenger now use their own armor
 - Avenger now can't have Composite Armor upgrade
 - Better Avenger Point Defense Laser
 - Now B3 Bomber (used to MOAB and AirForce Carpet Bomb) are stealthed
 - Spectre Gunship health increased to 133%
 - Chinook can have Countermeasures upgrade
 - Destroyed USA buildings now spawn the corresponding subfaction's Rangers
 - Paradrop now drop the corresponding subfaction's Rangers
 - Now you cannot build multiple Strategy Centers from different subfactions that allowing you to deploy multiple
   battleplans at one time, and Strategy Center are no longer capturable. Another USA disadvantage
 - Supply Drop Zone Cargo Plane are no longer attackable
 - All kind of Patriots (except the Boss' Patriot) can assist each other
 - You require an USA Barracks instead the Cold Fusion Reactor to build Firebase
 - Ambulance now resist radiations as well as toxins
 - Pathfinder attack speed reduced to 67%

 New Stuff:
 - Biohazard Tech
     Clean up radiation and toxins, heal nearby infantry. Build at Barracks. Requires War Factory
 - Mortar
     America's artillery infantry unit. Build at Barracks. Requires Strategy Center
 - Crate Drop Generals Power
     Drops money crates by plane. The only resource power for the USA (if there are no Supply Drop Zones).
     Available in Rank-3 in three levels. Some subfactions only have one level.

2.1.1 AirForce General
 Balances and Fixes:
 - AirForce General aircrafts health increased to 110%
 - Some of AirForce General aircrafts only get improved armor with Countermeasures (Countermeasure+PDL = invincible = WTF!?)
 - AirForce Carpet Bomb can be used in another Strategy Center
 - Chinook build cost reduced to 900 from 950
 - AirForce General Supply Center refund value changed to 550 from 400
 - Combat Chinook can be build when you have a War Factory or an Airfield
 - Now you can build Combat Chinook from the Airfield

 New Stuff:
 - Hypersonic Aurora
     Stealthed Aurora Bomber. Use the black Aurora skin (used to Aurora Alpha before)

2.1.2 Laser General
 Balances and Fixes:
 - No more Aurora and Tomahawk for Laser General
 - No Mortar infantry for Laser General
 - Starts with TOW Missile upgrade
 - Laser Tank will never drain powers again, but still turned off if you ran out of power
 - Laser General starts with TOW Missile upgrade

 New Stuff:
 - Laser Capasitors upgrade
     This upgrade replaces several units weapon with laser weapons. Purchased at Strategy Center
 - Laser Colonel Burton
     Replaces Colonel Burton after Laser Capasitor upgrade puchased. Replace the chain gun with highly concentrated laser
 - Laser Ranger
     Replaces Ranger after Laser Capasitor upgrade puchased. Replace the assault rifle with a light laser gun
 - Laser Humvee
     Replaces Humvee after Laser Capasitor upgrades puchased. Replace the TOW Missile with concentrated laser turret
 - Laser Paladin
     Replaces Paladin Tank. Fires a stream of laser beam. Equipped with Point Defense Laser. Disabled when low power
 - Laser Sentry Drone
     Replaces Sentry Drone after Laser Capasitor and Sentry Drone Gun upgrades puchased. Replace the machine gun with a
     light laser turret

2.1.3 SuperWeapon General
 Balances and Fixes:
 - Aurora Alpha now use the white skin with gray patterns (like in early version of Zero Hour)
 - Aurora Alpha weapon damage sightly reduced
 - SuperWeapon General Comanche build cost reduced to 1500 from 1800
 - SuperWeapon General Sentry Drone build cost reduced to 900 from 1000
 - EMP Patriot System build cost increased to 1000 from 900

 New Stuff:
 - Point Defense Drone
     Replaces Battle Drone. Repairs parent vehicle. Equipped with machinegun and Point Defense Laser
 - Advanced Particle Cannon
     Fires pink laser instead the blue one. Smaller size, lower build cost, damages more longer

2.2 China Changes
 General Balances and Fixes:
 - Red Guard and Minigunner vision and shroud clearing range increased to 200%
 - Only one Black Lotus allowed for one player
 - Black Lotus health increased to 110%
 - Uranium Shells upgrade now only increases Battlemaster and Overlord weapon damage
 - All Chinese factions' Battlemaster and Overlord can have Isotope Stability upgrade
 - Overlord armor increased to 120%
 - Overlord can target air units when upgraded with Gattling/Bunker upgrade
 - Overlord and Helix Gattling Cannon air weapon range reduced to 75%
 - You need a Chinese Barracks to build Troop Crawlers and Listening Outposts
 - Better Troop Crawler and Listening Outpost stealth detection animations
 - Nuke Cannon barrel recoils when attacking with Nuclear Shells
 - Supply Truck will never kicked-out-to-the-outer-space-and-return-to-the-earth-with-no-damages again with shockwave
 - Helix Gattling Gannon now can attack air.
 - Helix can target air units when upgraded with Gattling/Bunker upgrade
 - Fixing Propaganda Center that disappeared from the radar
 - Propaganda Center equipped with a Speaker Tower and can build units
 - Propaganda Center health increased to 200%
 - Now you cannot build multiple Internet Centers from different subfactions
 - Artillery Barrage shells no longer shown on radar
 - MiG napalm missiles never creates firestorm again if used againts aircrafts

 New Stuff:
 - Red Guard and Minigunner Bayonet ability
     Attack single infantry unit with bayonet. Useful to prevent Terrorist attacking you.
 - Support Van
     Mini Internet Center, can load 4 Hackers. Equipped with a Speaker Tower. Use it as additional Internet Center or as
     a support for your attack force since it's cheaper than any units that have Speaker Tower. Build at Propaganda Center.
     Requires War Factory and Internet Center
 - Flamethrower
     Infantry version of the Dragon Tank. But unlike the Dragon Tank, they can't make a fire wall. Requires War Factory
 - Firestorm Generals Power
     A MiG squadron strafle target area with napalms to create a firestorm. Available in Rank-5. Upgradable with
     Black Napalm
 - Neutron Cluster Mines Upgrade
     Upgrade Cluster Mines generals power to drop EMP Mines instead the normal one. Purchase at Propaganda Center
 - Neutron Pulse Upgrade
     Upgrade EMP Pulse kills vehicle pilots and infantry inside the buildings. Also disables buildings and vehicles.
     Purchase at Propaganda Center
 - Satellite Scan ability
     Same as the American one. Deployed from Internet Center and requires Satellite Hack I upgrade

2.2.1 Infantry General
 Balances and Fixes:
 - Infantry Paradrop can be used in another Chinese factions' Command Center but drops Red Guards rather than Minigunners
 - Gattling Tank available for Infantry General
 - Minigunner produced 2 units at once like Red Guard
 - Minigunner weapon damage sightly reduced (no more single Minigunner rushes)
 - Now Minigunner can be squished
 - Assault Troop Crawler build cost reduced to 2000 from 2400
 - Attack Outpost build cost increased to 1500 from 1000
 - Now Attack Outpost only can load 6 infantry
 - Assault Troop Crawler and Attack Outpost speakers also affect self
 - Assault Helix can load vehicles

 New Stuff:
 - Super Lotus
    Replaces Black Lotus. Stronger and hacks faster. Can capture buildings, steal cashes, disable vehicles AND BUILDINGS

2.2.2 Nuke General
 Balances and Fixes:
 - Nuke General Red Guard build time reduced to 83%
 - Nuke General Black Lotus build cost reduced to 1500 from 1600
 - Nuke General Troop Crawler build cost increased to 1600 from 1400
 - Nuke General Nuke Cannon build cost reduced to 1500 from 1600
 - New Nuke Helix and Nuke Cannon skin

 New Stuff:
 - Nuke Hunter
     Missiles carry a small tactical nukes
 - Weapon Grade Uranium Shells upgrade
     Load Battlemaster and Overlord shells with a small tactical nukes. Now Uranium Shells only increases shot damage,
     while WGUranium loads the tanks with nukes
 - Fusion Reactor upgrade
     More additional movement speed for Nuke General Battlemaster and Overlord. If you purchased this upgrade without
     purchased the Isotope Stability upgrade, when the tanks destroyed, they do more damage than the normal Nuclear Tanks

2.2.3 Tank General
 Balances and Fixes:
 - Tank General Black Lotus build cost reduced to 1600 from 1875
 - Tank General Tank Hunter build cost reduced to 350 from 375
 - Tank General Hacker build cost reduced to 700 from 780
 - Emperor Overlord speaker compatible with Subliminal Messaging upgrade
 - Tank General Troop Crawler build cost increased to 1600 from 1400
 - Tank General ECM Tank build cost reduced to 700 from 800
 - Tank General Listening Outpost build cost reduced to 900 from 950

 New Stuff:
 - Emperor Overlord Bunker upgrade
     Now Emperor Overlord can be upgraded with bunker like standard Overlord

2.3 GLA Changes
 General Balances and Fixes:
 - Only one Jarmen Kell allowed for one player
 - Jarmen Kell health increased to 110%
 - RPG Trooper can have Camouflage upgrade
 - Terrorist now use correct death animations (including exploded and burned animations)
 - Now you can manually detonate the Terrorist
 - Better Angry Mobs.
 - Now Hijacker cannot hijack Combat Bikes
 - Now Hijacker cannot hijack Sentry Drones. How could you drive a drone?
 - Saboteur use new climbing animation
 - Saboteur now steal $2000 from supply centers
 - Scorpion grant a free rocket at the second salvage pickup, even not upgraded with Scorpion Rocket
 - Scorpion barrel recoils at the right position
 - Combat Bike build time increased to 133%
 - You need a GLA Barracks to build Combat Bikes
 - Fixing Terrorist Combat Bike animation when dropped at Reinforcement Pad
 - Now you can manually detonate the Terrorist Combat Bike
 - SCUD Launcher can have AP Rockets upgrade
 - Turnable Marauder turret
 - GLA Holes now spawn the corresponding subfaction's Worker
 - GLA Holes use new models for snow condition and/or when upgraded with Fortified upgrade
 - Anthrax Bomb generals power starts with green toxin field instead the blue one, and it can be upgraded with Anthrax
   Beta/Gamma upgrade
 - Tunnel Network, Stinger Site, and SCUD Storm can have Fortified upgrade
 - Stinger Site build time reduced to 60%
 - SCUD Storm's SCUD-bug fixed!
 - SCUD Storm spawn beta/gamma poison field when upgraded with Anthrax upgrades
 - Tunnel Network and Demo Trap now also a salvager
 - Tunnel Network build time increased to 300%
 - Sneak Attack Tunnel Network no longer detect stealth
 - Remove prerequisites from Fake Command Center, Fake Barracks, and Fake Supply Stash. So you can build these structure
   without the Command Center
 - Toxin Tractor no longer immune to radiations

2.3.1 Toxin General
 Balances and Fixes:
 - Reduce Toxin General SCUD Storm build cost to 4500 from 5000
 - Rebel, RPG Trooper, Terrorist, Worker, and Stinger Soldier more resistant to toxin attack
 - Toxin Rebel mounted Combat Bike can attack with either machineguns or toxin sprayer
 - Toxin Tractor build cost reduced to 600 from 650
 - Toxin Tractor health increased to 120%
 - No Camouflage upgrade for Toxin Rebel and Toxin RPG Trooper
 - Toxin Rebel build time increased to 120%

 New Stuff:
 - Toxin RPG Trooper
     RPG rockets carry small amount of toxin. Resistant to toxins

2.3.2 Demolition General
 Balances and Fixes:
 - Improved Demolition ability
 - Fixing Demo General infantry and vehicles suicide death animations
 - Demolition upgraded infantry only exploded when they're detonate themselves, exploded, crushed, or burned
 - Demo General fake buildings do more damage when detonated
 - Demo General SCUD Storm no longer spawn poison field when destroyed
 - No Camouflage upgrade for Rebel and RPG Trooper
 - Hijacker and Saboteur available for Demo General
 - Combat Bike now can use Demolition suicide ability
 - Demo General Toxin Tractor cannot upgrade its weapon with Anthrax Beta upgrade, but still can get Beta weapon when
   reached heroic veterancy

2.3.3 Stealth General
 Balances and Fixes:
 - Stealth General GPS Scrambler now in three levels. Area of effects increase over the level
 - Stealth General light vehicles health increased
 - Tunnel Network and Stinger Site  no longer stealthed while still under construction
 - Camouflage upgrade available for Stealth General. Rebel, RPG Trooper, Terrorist, and Worker are affected by this upgrade
 - Rebel no longer stealthed if the Camouflage upgrade is not purchased
 - Worker produced from Supply Stash no longer stealthed if the Camouflage upgrade is not purchased
 - Booby Trap upgrade available for Stealth General
 - Rebel build cost reduced to 150 from 200
 - Stealth General Jarmen Kell can detects stealth
 - Now you need a Palace to build Stealth General Hijacker
 - Stealth General Saboteur steal more cashes and disable buildings longer
 - Stealth General Combat Bike build cost reduced to 500 from 550

 New Stuff:
 - Quad Cannon Sniper Rounds upgrade
     Increases Quad Cannon attack range and weapon damage against infantry. Purchased at Palace

2.4 Other Changes

2.4.1 Boss General
 This new general was taken over the Leang's position as the rogue Boss General (not in this version. in this version Leang
 is still Boss General). He/She uses the best of the best from all available factions army and combine them to defeat the
 enemies. Advanced upgrades, buildings, stikeforces, and generals powers combinations is the Boss General main power. But
 the Boss General also have disadvantages, Boss General cannot fully access the stolen faction units technologies, some
 ability are not available makes Boss units cannot show their best performance.

 Boss General is hard to play. He/she doesn't have any Strategy Center/Propaganda Center/Palace as the advanced technology
 holder. To build advanced technologies and upgrades he/she must build the superweapons, and build superweapons will provoke
 another players to attack you while you haven't teched up yet. A lack of inteligence power is also the Boss disadvantages,
 you must send recon teams to scout the enemies.

 Boss General is playable, but the AI cannot play it.

 Balances and Fixes (based on Generals Challenge Boss):
 - Some original Boss General upgrades may not available in this mod
 - Advanced units now requires corresponding faction's superweapon. For example, you cannot build Overlord without a Nuclear
   Missile Silo
 - Boss Dozer use USA Dozer voices, not the Chinese one
 - Boss General have a new faction logo at his/her Command Center
 - All Boss General buldings can auto-repair like USA buildings
 - All Boss General buldings (except SCUD Storm, Nuclear Missile, and base defenses) spawn Rangers when destroyed
 - Boss General superweapons build cost increased to 6000 from 5000
 - Boss General only can build one kind of his/her superweapon when superweapon restriction is turned on
 - Boss General SCUD Storm requires 10 powers and disabled when low power
 - Boss General SCUD Storm and Tunnel Network no longer spawn rebuild holes
 - Boss General Tunnel Network build cost increased to 1000 from 800
 - Boss General Tunnel Network spawn Tank Hunters, not RPG Troopers
 - Boss General Patriot Missile build cost increased to 1200 from 1000
 - Boss General Patriot Missile no longer spawn Rangers when destroyed
 - No drones and Pilots for Boss General USA vehicles
 - Boss General King Raptor build cost increased to 1600 from 1100
 - No horde bonuses for Boss General Tank Hunter
 - Fixing Boss General Avenger that have double air turret
 - Boss General Combat Bike only used to suicide attacks, and cannot change/unload its rider

 New Stuff:
 - Old Supply Center
     Boss General use the good old China Supply Center
 - Large Supply Truck
     $600 per truck isn't enough? Try this larger Supply Truck with a double capasity

2.4.2 Civilian and Neutrals
 Balances and Fixes:
 - Fix the missing tech buildings in night and/or snow maps
 - Tech Artillery Platform recoils better
 - Tech Reinforcement Pad and Tech Repair Bay keep their rubbles when destroyed
 - Remove the auto-heal ability from Tech Repair Bay and Tech Reinforcement Pad

 New Stuff:
 - Repair Drone
     Fast moving drone. Repairs nearby vehicles and clear mines. Build at Tech Repair Bay
 - Hover Leopard Tank (not available in this version)
     Used to Crusader tank in earlier Generals game. An amphibious tank.
 - Tech Radio Station (not available in this version)
     Comes with a radar. Can spy on either enemies infantry or vehicles. A Defector power too!
 - Tech Secret Lab (not available in this version)
     Still a secret... If you want to know, wait for the next versions, and you'll be surprised :)
 - Tech Networks and Network Core (not available in this version)
     Capture the Network Core to grant full access for all Tech Networks over the map. The Tech Network works like a 
     weaponless Tunnel Network, it's stealthed and always rebuild when destroyed. When the Network Core destroyed, all Tech
     Networks will also become destroyed

;3. Contacts

Found any bugs? Any comments or suggestions? 
e-mail me at:

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