Omaha Assault



Here's an 8 player map built for 2v6. You could play it 2v2 as well. It is set in a somewhat grassy landscape with water-limited access to the southern two players. The map is generally flat, but it has a decent job on textures. There are 5 Tech Derricks per person, plus an extra 5 in the south.

There are two neutral Dozers, but they don't appear to be captureable. The AI is enabled, but the fact that there is only 1 $3750 supply pile for each base severely limits its action.

Overall, not bad for a second map.



Author: Ledouche
Date: 9-25-06
e-mail: [email protected]
size: 8 players

i had this map on my computer and made it compatible for 2 v6 witha  laser and boss general dozer in between the two. have fun.. this is my second map! Ai enabled! so have fun stomping bots

To install, extract the Omaha_Assault folder to your 'Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data\Maps' directory.

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