Op Disturbed Alliances

This is a GLA Night mission. Starts off with an intro movie that sets the tone for the mission, and gives you your mission briefing. The USA...


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This is a GLA Night mission. Starts off with an intro movie that sets the tone for the mission, and gives you your mission briefing. The USA and China are Allies, and your tasked with destroying the US outpost and capturing the US Base. You'll also have to take out the Chinese base and capture their Command Center. Very well put together mission that should offer up a real challenge. Full details in the included readme file. Good luck General!

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Secret Message #256A, addressed to GLA Headquarters, Kazakhstan

From: 		GLA Field Scout
To: 		Central Command
Subject: 	Parts of Scorpion Cell have defected

My brother,

We have a crisis situation on hand. The German part of the Scorpion Cell has abandoned our Cause and is prepared to join our enemies. We must not let them get away with this. At this moment the Chinese and Americans are preparing a peace congress, in the urban center of Munich. This is where we have to strike. Our brothers may have betrayed us, but this is our chance to break the alliance between China and USA. 
The Americans have set up a base at the edge of the city, completely isolated from the other forces. This base is a great opportunity, and if we can steal it we can create a major confusion, or maybe even a disturbed alliance between the two superpowers. With their combined might gone the GLA will soon be the leader of the entire world!

I have no doubts this mission will be successful. A local commander will be put in charge of a small strike force, but a small but half destroyed GLA outpost near his insertion point will provide him with the necessary firepower and resources.

We will wipe them from our land! The GLA strikes fear into those who oppose!

Ahreem Kassad

Secret Message #256B, addressed to the German Commander, Munich

From: 		Central Command
To: 		GLA Commander
Subject: 	Mission Briefing


We have complete faith in the successful accomplishment of this mission. You have been assigned to guide Jarmen Kell and a squad of infantry through this dangerous mission. It wonft be an easy task, but you will make it. OK, letfs proceed with the briefing:
Just dump the eOperation Disturbed Alliancesf folder in your eMy documents\Command and conquer Generals Zero Hour Data\Maps folderf.
Start the Mission
To start the mission, go to SOLO PLAY ¨ SKIRMISH ¨ UNOFFICIAL MAPS ¨ Operation Disturbed Alliances.map. Then click the play game button. Watch the neat cinematic and start playing!
-	Destroy the US outpost and capture the US Base (do NOT destroy it)
-	Run amok at the congress
-	Take out the Chinese base, but capture the Command Center. We want the ambassador alive
-	Kill the ambassador (not really an objectivec just a satisfying cinematic :-) )
-	Start repairing the command center right away, since you will probably be detected by a scouting B-52 soonc 
-	Try to take over the American outpost, and build a Chinook to take a few rangers to the Warlordfs palace.
-	Make sure NO GLA units enter the city. If you do the mission will be failed, because the Chinese will spot you. Itfs fine to enter the city with the units from the stolen USA base. Your GLA units are only safe on your side of the river and in the Warlordfs estate.
-	If you are short of cash after taking over the US base, there are a lot of oil derricks next to the congress centerc take them over if you can, but they are defended by US troops
-	Try using the Stealth Fighter (you get it when you reach the Warlord) with Bunker Busters to take out all those garrisoned cowards near the congress center and Chinese base.

Note: 	Due to highly advanced scanning technology purchased by the Chinese they will be able to scan everything crossing the river, even when your GLA units are garrisoned inside a Chinook they will be recognized and the congress will be aborted. You are warned.

Good luck commander, and may the Cause be with you.

Mohmar eDeathstrikef
GLA Usurper, Central Command

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