This is a good 8 player map for Zero Hour. Lots of build space and tech. The AI is enabled. Great for online play.



Map Name: Pathfinder
Compatibility: Zero Hour Only
Map Author: RABIES
Age: 19
Email Address: [email protected]
Released: 1/26/04
Players: 8

Historical: Hellas Planitia, a massive impact basin located in the southern hemisphere of Mars measuring about 2,000 km (1,250 miles) in diameter, and about 6 miles deep. There is a ring of debris that rises 1.25 miles above the surface that could cover the entire US in one huge, 2 mile thick, layer.

Description: Pathfinder is mars based as you can tell. It features 8 players divided by cliffs and hills, with the impact basin in the center, there is also a dust storm passing by. Some of the industial bridges have been left behind for your use, along with a few research tents in the crater that can house troops. Each player is given 3 oil deriks, 2 oil refineries, and 2 supply depots. Your ally and your enemy will both try to take your resources, you can allow or dissalow this, it is up to you. But either way they will try since resources are scarce. There are also entrances towards the center on each side, watch out for those. As also the front entrances. Hope you enjoy this map...

Installation: You should be OK by just unzipping it into your maps folder under My Documents--->Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data--->Maps.

If it does not create a separate folder called "Pathinder" then make one :-)

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