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This is a great mod for Zero Hour It has a ton of new changes in it, many new units and buildings added. Read the readme for more info. Reme...


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This is a great mod for Zero Hour It has a ton of new changes in it, many new units and buildings added. Read the readme for more info. Remeber this is a beta so it might have some bugs. If you dont have WinRar then you can get it here.


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Download 'rise40.rar' (913KB)

R.I.S.E  v.4.0 (beta) By XeNo.Butcher tested on zero hour v 1.02 untested in multiplayer
 CnC Generals Zero Hour Mod. 

 Installation Instructions 

 1.- extract the contents of the zip file (rise40.Ini) into \My Documents\Command and Conquer Generals Data

 2.- Make a new shortcut in your desktop on the target field  add this 
  -quickstart -mod Rise40.big
 should look like the example below notice there is a space after the "
 you can simply copy paste this if u like.(just change the drive letter in case you installed it somewhere else)
 "C:\Program Files\EA Games\Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour\generals.exe" -quickstart -mod Rise40.big

 3.- you are ready to go start zh with this shortcut to run the mod 
  use the default to run the original game.

 4.- to uninstall just delete "Rise40.Big" from your documents/zero hour data directory.

 this is only a beta preview since this is a 'SOLO' operation not much 
  time to do it all, missing some text descriptions .

 Its not a total conversion mod, Just some addons ,I Hope you Enjoy  
 playing it as  much as i enjoyed making it.


 U.S.A Generals
 Changes Are made only to generals factions original factions remain  unchanged.

 Superweapon general. (its very powerfull already)

 added icbm launcher 
 all aircraft have emp missiles
 burton can call drone support
 relayed tomahawk launchers

 laser general
 all units use laser technology
 all aircraft have point defense lasers (taked out form the airforce  general he has nothing to do with lasers lol )
 patriot lasers have laser protection
 orbital laser strike
 laser guided firebase
 no spectre gunship :(

 airforce general

 Tactical Aircraft Directable Infrared Countermeasures (TADIRCM)
 is implemented on all aircraft
 pulse wave detonation engines upgrade is available to king raptors.
 from the strategy center.(300% more speed)

 maverick AGM-65p Delayed fuse upgrade (by upgrading to laser guided   missiles)
 carpet bomber has escorts.

 GLA Geanerals

 Demo General

 terrorists detonate when killed
 suicide gla cargo plane
 fixed some visual aspecs

 chem general

 chemical carpet bomber
 jarmen kell has sticky toxin bombs
 rebels can switch their gun to do damage to buildings
 fixed the toxin upgrades 

 stealth gen 

 battle bus can disguise as a vehicle
 jarmen kell can power down defenses by sniping the power link
 added the saboteur ambush
 added sniper production (only 5)

 china generals

 tank general

 added the reinforcement pad 
 mechanics deployment upgrade
 communications intercept
 and some general fixes

 nuke general
 tank hunters have radiation rockets
 radiation artillery barrage
 communications intercept

 infantry general

 helix paradrop
 communications intercept
 all vehicles can take infantry
 suply trucks come with 3 minigunners


 now u can play against ur own general in the challenge mode.

 im sure im missing something but i cant remember now 
 added visual effects to all sides 

 more explosions and effects 
 fixed all the voices 
 and much more things that i cant remember now.

 Keep in mind that i made this mod by myself (after work:))
 and i lost some nights of sleeps haha.

 enjoy and have fun. 

 please help me out with bugs ideas 

 im aware of the descriptions theyre wrong and the cameos suck(i made them )



 your feedback is very important to me. please email me at
 [email protected]

 feel free to put it in your site for download 
 feel free to take whatever u like from this mod  with the proper credit of course :).

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