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This is a good rank mod for Zero hour. Adds 7 new ranks and many new upgrades and addons. Read the readme for more info on how to use and in...


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This is a good rank mod for Zero hour. Adds 7 new ranks and many new upgrades and addons. Read the readme for more info on how to use and info on the new addons and upgrades.

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Download 'rankmod.exe' (229KB)

By PSJW12, [email protected]

Release Date: 25-2-04

This Mod is a solo effort, and really the mod was effortless to make (lol).

In this mod there are 7 different rank (.ini) tweaks for Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour, each rank is unique and behaves differently. As I said there are 7 ranks: Original; 4ever; endurance; prolong; quicky; chunky; deluxe (yes I know they are rubbish names but what would you want me to call them?!) Anyway the idea of this mod is to change the speed of how quickly you get a generals promotion, and how many you get every full bar. Here is a description of each rank:

Original: It is exactly (I think) the same as the original in the game.

4ever: Every time you get 1000 points you get a promotion and don’t stop until you have enough points to unlock everything. On the first five promotions you go up 1 level till you get to 5, once you’re at five all promotions are unlocked.

Endurance: As you go up the ladder of promotions, you need to get more points and your get more promotions in one full bar (if you know what I mean).

Prolong: Similar to 4ever except you need more than just 1 point to go up a level.

Quicky: (I find this very handy when you’ve downloaded a mod and you want to try out the stuff under promotions), you unlock a lot of promotions x10 quicker than normal.

Chunky: You only need five full bars to unlock everything, every full bar you get about 1-8 points and go up 1 level.

Deluxe: Similar to endurance but a bit more “spread out”, meaning that you have 10 full bars to complete, and the points (in bar) instead of needing more as you go up, it is different how many you need for each level (may be more or less than the previous one).

Please note that: 
•This will overwrite any other rank.ini in your zero hour directory

To install open the install rank mod.exe. In the installation it will ask you what rank type (above) would you like to install, click the one you would like to install. If you wish to install a different ranks after you have installed one already you don’t need to uninstall the old one, just run installation again and it will replace the old one with the new one.

To uninstall go to add/remove programs and click rank mod then uninstall or remove

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