Rock Bottom

Good day folks,

A Mapper Guild member named Dimanti San has made a ast...


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Good day folks,

A Mapper Guild member named Dimanti San has made a astonishing map for us. I will now go trough my findings I came across while testing this map.

Rock Bottom is a 8 player map. Set in a reasonably dark theme. The water on this map also has another color, its now brownish and it looks very much like a muddy substance. This map also has a great variety of textures. Textures like: Grass, Mud, Dirt, Concrete, Rock, and it looks very good indeed.

Now for the AI. I took the chance of testing this map against 7 other Brutal AI's. And "Oh My" was that a mistake. I managed to hold on for 15 minutes. After that the AI completely wiped me of the map. It almost feels like the AI is another Human player. It attacks you cleverly on your weakest flanks. Or steamrolls your defenses with a enormous attack force. The AI on this map was brutal.... just the way I like it.

I got almost nothing to say about the gameplay. This map seems to drag you in, and keep you enjoyed for hours. Yesterday when I was playing this map it felt like I was playing for only 30 minutes. But in reality I was playing for almost 2 hours. This map is great fun so I strongly recommend you download this one.

Well, now for the Eyecandy. The eyecandy placement was really thought trough. You would only spot eyecandy on places it needed to be, and no where else. This ensures a lag free battle all the way. Small details like sandbags and parking lots are both present. The most adorable spot on this map was the middle. Its a mountain that looked like some very well fortified fortress. Its great fun trying to hold the mountain against the AI.

A ace map, surely worth to download.

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Put this in your MyDocuments/ZerohourData/Maps folder

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