Shock Wave



Shockwave is an enhancement mod for C&C Generals ZH. The main goal of this mod was to make ZH a more interesting game with more differences between the generals making you think twice before you select a certain general. Check below for more details and a list of features.



********** Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour: Shockwave *********

Shockwave is an enhancement mod for C&C Generals ZH.
The main goal of this mod was to make ZH a more interesting game with more differences
between the generals making you think twice before you select a certain general.


- Over 300 new sound effects
- New voices for units and upgrade
- Reimplementation of some alpha / beta units
- Many enhancements in particle effects and weapon effects
- All generals now have there own unique armies and more special units and powers
- Many Bug Fixes that where present in the original game
- Many Graphical problems fixed of the in game models and cameos


simply install or extract the files in the zerohour folder and run shockwave.exe

**Full List of Changes for Shockwave Beta Release 0.8**

	- Common Changes For all armies and the game play
		- increased the standard camera height
		- The 3 and 4 star promotions will give you 2 extra points instead of 1
		- All small cameos that had no border effect in ZH now do have the border effect
		- All tanks have a slightly large explosions effect as they used to have
		- Infantry's will bleed when hit by weapons
		- Capturing buildings now goes 25% faster as originally
		- Added Trail effects for all artillery weapons
		- Added shockwaves to all nuclear and fuel air bomb type weapons
		- Added new sound effect when choosing a generals power
		- Laser based weapons now set infantry on fire
		- All Recoil and muzzle flash bugs have been fixed for vehicles that had more than 1 weapon
		- Several Unused voices are now enabled
		- New Carpet-bomb bomb model
		- Start units all armies will now start with 3 basic tanks 2 basic scout units and 4 basic infantry

	-All USA Armies
		- Normal Avenger replaced by rocket avenger (only the laser general has the old one)
		- New Laser Sounds for the point defence laser of the avenger
		- New model for the tomahawk launcher
		- New detonation and fire sounds for tomahawk missiles
		- New fire and detonation sounds for the fire base
		- New fire and detonation effects for the fire bas
		- Aurora's now need a level 1 general’s point to be build
		- Spectre gun ship now comes in 3 levels instead of 1
		- Stealth fighters no long need a general’s point to be build
		- Microwave beam color changed to blue
		- Added Upgrade for Col. Burton OICW Rifle (allows him to fire long range grenades)
		- Added Next generation patriot upgrade for patriot batteries (15% bonus range, ROF and damage)
		- Added new weapon sound for the spectre gunship
		- When a building is destroyed it will now spawn the correct rangers of the USA army you’re playing
		- Fixed the sentry drone model so that the skins now match with the other USA units and improved the animation
		- New Fire sound for the paladin
		- New Patriot Missile trail
		- New Cameo for the spy drone generals power
		- New Supply Lines cameo
		- New Cameo when selecting a spectre gunship
		- New Raptor Cameo
		- New Chinook Cameo
		- New tomahawk cameo
		- New Comanche Cameo
		- New Cameo for the paladin
		- New Crusader Cameo
		- New Barracks Cameo
		- New War factory Cameo
		- New Microwave Cameo
		- New Cameo for the hellfire drone

	-Normal USA
		- Added new unit the Hover MRLS (fast hovering and fires 2 anti armor missiles)
		- Added New unit the Marine (strong infantry and able to place explosive charges)
		- Added New upgrade Tomahawk waypoint targeting (allows tomahawks to share coordinates of the target with other tomahawks)

	-USA Air force General
		- King Raptor ammo decreased to 4 by default
		- New Airplane Ammo Upgrade (give the Comanche, raptor and stealth 2 extra missiles)
		- Lasers defences removed from all planes
		- Now starts with counter measures
		- New King Stealth Fighter (more armor)
		- New Hyper sonic aurora (faster and more armor)
		- New Stealth Comanche (no longer needs upgrade for stealth)
		- Added new unit B1 Lancer (drops a cluster bomb and needs a lvl1 generals point)
		- Starts with aurora's
		- New sound effects for the Comanche machinegun
		- New afterburner upgrade (gives the raptor and stealth fighter a speed boost)
		- Added new generals power pilot veteran training (all planes will be build as veteran) 
		- The b3 Carpet bombing is now a lvl3 general’s power
		- Can now build crusader tanks (costs more and no armor upgrades available)
		- New Advanced patriots (have 50% faster missiles making them more effective vs. airborne targets)

	-USA Laser General
		- Removed Aurora
		- Removed Stealth fighter
		- Removed Bunker buster upgrade
		- Removed Rocket Pod upgrade
		- Removed Counter measures upgrade
		- Added Airplane laser defences upgrade
		- New Laser Comanche (fires 8 laser shots)
		- Added Laser Paladin (stronger than the laser tank needs lvl1 generals point)
		- Added Railgun artillery (fires a railgun needs a lvl1 generals point)
		- New Laser Ranger
		- New Laser Defender
		- New Laser Burton
		- New Laser Turret Sound
		- New Laser Particle Beam (has a Red beam and does a little more damage)
		- Added Laser upgrade for the Humvee
		- Added Laser Upgrade for the sentry drone
		- All laser weapons have there own sound effects

	-USA Super Weapon General 
		- New Mortar Humvee
		- Added Robot tank (hovers fast and fires a small tank cannon)
		- Added EMP MRLS (fires a barrage of 6 unguided EMP missiles)
		- New sound effects for the EMP missile
		- New EMP Missile Defender (can fire EMP and normal missiles)
		- Added Combat Vest Upgrade (25% extra Armor for all infantry)
		- Decreased the destructive power of the alpha aurora
		- Added New unit the Marine (strong infantry and able to place explosive charges)
		- New skin for the alpha aurora
		- Added Bio Hazard Technician (cleans toxins)
		- Advanced Particle Cannon (has a pink beam and does a little more damage)
		- Starts with Next Generation Patriot Missiles

	-All Chinese Armies 
		- Added Helix Armor upgrade (adds 25% extra armor)
		- Added Mig Afterburner upgrade (Adds 25% extra speed)
		- Added Siege Soldier (powerful artillery unit fires a mortar needs a lvl1 generals point)
		- Added Hack Van (4 hackers can hack inside this van like a internet center needs a lvl3 generals point)
		- Added Inferno Cannon AP Shells (very effective vs. enemy armor less vs. infantry and buildings)
		- Remove Satellite Hack 2 (only available to the infantry general now)
		- Added hacked spy satellite (becomes available after satellite hack 1 works like the spy satellite)
		- Helix Gatling cannons do more damage than regular Gatling weapons
		- Gatling cannons now cost 900$
		- Red Guard Training renamed to Red Army Training and now effects all combat type infantry
		- Nuclear missiles will now do there damage in a wave and not in a single blow
		- Nuclear missiles will now make all objects around them fly away from the area of impact
		- New Carpet Bomber Model
		- New ECM Tank cameo
		- New Internet Center Cameo
		- New Supply Center model
		- New Helix Cameo
		- New Battle Master Cameo
		- New Dragon Tank Flame Effect
		- New Gatling cannon model when upgraded with Chain guns
		- New Gatling cannon sounds for both upgraded and not upgraded
		- New Gatling tank sound when upgraded
		- New Helix Weapons sound
		- New Helix Upgrade cameos

	-Normal China only 
		- Battle Master Autoloaders (2 shell burst not 3 like the tank general has)

	- China Tank General
		- New Battle master model
		- Battle masters now have a stronger weapon and armor as other battle masters
		- Added Warmaster Tank (needs a lvl1 generals point can be upgraded with missiles)
		- Added Armor upgrade (gives the emperor, battlemaster and warmaster 25% more armor)
		- New Emperor fire sounds
		- New Advanced ECM tank (longer range and can disable buildings)
		- New Gatling Tank (more armor)
		- Changed Battle master training into tank training (emperors and warmasters are now also effected)
		- New Transport Helix (has speaker tower by default and can transport more tanks can also be upgraded with gatling cannon)
		- Hacker cost decreased to 625$

	- China Infantry General
		- Added Tank hunter barrage upgrade (fires the missiles unguided in all directions on a target location)
		- Added new units Road Grinder (like a humvee but with only 4 slots and a small gatling cannon)
		- Added New unit Light tank (faster and but weaker than a normal battle master)
		- Minigunners now gain a damage increase from the chain gun upgrade
		- Fortified bunkers can no longer hold 10 infantry but only 5 but have twice the armor normal bunkers have
		- New Double barreled tank hunters
		- New Super Hacker Model
		- New Super Lotus Model
		- New Assault Troop Crawler model
		- New Attack Outpost model
		- Attack outpost no longer has any propaganda effects and only has 6 slots and starts with 4 tank hunters
		- Removed emergency repair and replaced it with Cash Hack
		- New Assault Helix Cameo 
		- Assault Helix can now be upgraded with propaganda tower and napalm bomb
		- Siege Soldier does more damage

	- China Nuke General
		- Added Elite Artillery Training
		- Added New Nuke helix model
		- Added New Nuke Cannon model
		- Added New Nuke Overlord model
		- Overlords can no longer get any object upgrades (gatling cannon etc.)
		- Fusion Reactor upgrade (Tanks gain a 25% speed increase)
		- Weapons Grade Uranium shells (Tanks gain a 25% increase of damage)
		- New Nuke Tank Hunter
		- New Nuke Hacker (can place nuclear charge and loses the building hack ability)
		- New Nuke Lotus (can place nuclear charge)
		- New Nuke Battle Master Cameo
		- New Nuke Mig cameo
		- Added new unit Mig Nuke Bomber
		- Added New Unit Siege cannon (fires a explosive shell with radiation and replaces the inferno cannon)
		- Tanks now have smaller radiation fields and get bigger field when upgraded with Weapons Grade Uranium shells

	- All GLA Armies
		- Tunnel Networks and Stinger Sites now gain profit of the fortified structure upgrade
		- Tunnel Networks now have a new firing sound
		- Technical now has new firing sound for all 3 salvage states
		- All GLA Cameos now show the green Team Color instead of red or white which some had
		- New Cameo for the Rebel
		- New Cameo for the RPG Trooper
		- Saboteurs now have a climbing animation when climbing a cliff rather than walking into the cliff
		- Stinger Sites now do more damage to grind target (damage for air targets unaltered)
		- Scud Storm Missiles now make flyby sounds when diving to the target
		- New Cameo's for the Booby Trap
		- GPS Scramble now comes in 3 levels at lvl3 instead of one at lvl5
		- Added New lvl3 Generals Ability Salvage drop a plane comes by and drops 6 salvage crates
		- Rocket Buggies can now be upgraded with salvage crates
		- Rocket Buggies now have the old rocket trail and effect they used to have on the pre release screenshots and movies
		- RPG Troopers have a new rocket trailer
		- New Worker shoes cameo

	- Normal GLA Only
		- Scorpion Tanks Can be upgraded with wheels (upgrade per scorpion increases the speed and decreases the armor)

	- GLA Demolition General
		- Added new unit mobile demo trap (stealthed when not moving and will detonate when a vehicle drives over it)
		- Added New lvl3 Generals Power Demotrap parabombing (comes in 3 levels)
		- Added New lvl3 Generals Power Terror cell (spawns terrorists at a target location replaced the rebel ambush comes in 3 levels)
		- Added New upgrade HE RPG rockets (enable the RPG trooper to fire a single destructive RPG rocket)
		- New ZSU-57 Flak Tank (replaced the quad cannon)

		- Added New upgrade for bombtruck (nuclear warhead increases the damage 25% and leaves radiations)
		- Replaced the Anthrax bomb with the black-market nuke
		- New cameo for combat bike (showing a terrorist instead of a rebel)
		- New Demolition RPG Trooper
		- New Rocket Tunnel Network
		- New Demolition Rebel
		- New Demolition Saboteur (need a lvl3 general’s point)
		- New Demolition Terrorist
		- New Demolition Scud Storm model
		- New Marauder (can get a scorpion rocket and loses the 2 barreled turret salvage upgrade)
		- Added HE shell upgrade (tanks get 25% more damage)

	- GLA Toxin General
		- New Toxin Scorpion tank (get a toxin scorpion rocket)
		- New Toxin Rocket Buggy
		- New Toxin Marauder (2 barreled turret salvage upgrade)
		- New Toxin Tractor (more armor as the normal ones)
		- New Toxin RPG Trooper
		- New Toxin rebel cameo
		- New Toxin Stinger site
		- New Toxin Terrorist cameo
		- Toxin terrorists now spread more toxins
		- Added New upgrade for toxin terrorist nerve gas pack (nerve gas kills vehicle pilots most be upgraded per terrorist)
		- Added new lvl3 generals power nerve gas bomb (kills infantry and vehicle pilots)
		- New Chemical Scud launcher fires 16 smaller scud missiles with toxins
		- Toxin Grenadier (fires a toxin grenade at a large range)

	- GLA Stealth General
		- Starts with wheeled Scorpions
		- New Scud Truck (faster as normal scud launcher but weaker and they are slower as a rocket buggies, needs a lvl1 generals point)
		- Added new Fundamentalists (Cheap and weak but armed with ak47, shotguns and Uzi’s very effective vs. anything)
		- Added new unit assassin (Sniper units stealthed when not attacking needs lvl3 generals point)
		- Battle busses can disguise them selves like bombtrucks
		- Added new building machinegun site (like stinger site but with machine gunners)
		- Added new unit mobile supply stash (work like supply stash and comes with 4 workers)
		- New RPG Trooper (can be upgraded with stinger)
		- Added new upgrade stinger (all RPG troopers receive e stinger launcher making there missiles faster)
		- Added new upgrade Quad Sniper (allows quad cannons to kill infantry very fast)
		- New Stealth Rebels (armed with a stronger weapon)
		- Added new upgrade Molotov cocktails (rebels will be able to use Molotovs)
		- Added New Fanaticism Upgrade (all infantry become more aggressive)

**ShockWave Development Team**

The_Hunter	 - Team Leader and Founder, Modeler, Skinner, SFX Artist, 2D Artist, Main Coder
Chrizz		 - Co-Leader, Main modeler, Skinner
Mishkin		 - Assistant Coder
Deathstrike	 - Mapper, Scripter, Assistant Coder
Elite TankMaster - Webmaster, Trailer maker

Special Thanks goes to these people for the following things

Kuja		- For the Nuke battle master cameo
		- For the original demolition jarmen kell cameo

Deezire		- For the nuclear tank hunter model
		- For the new fusion reactor model for the laser general
		- For the new demolition scud storm model
		- For the new common Chinese supply center model
		- For his great editing forum that helped me to finish my mod
Just_West	- For the Quad sniper model
		- For the transport helix model
		- For the new attack outpost model
		- For the GLA sniper cameo
		- For Toxin marauder model
		- For the Rocket Marauder model
		- For the original nuke overlord model
		- For the new skin for the superhacker
		- For the new super lotus model
		- For the new internet center cameo
		- For the dabble barreled tank hunter cameo
		- For letting me use the idea of the infantry generals humvee clone
		- For helping me with coding issues

Fritz		- For the USA MRLS model
		- For the original Chinese Devastator model
		- For the USA mortar humvee

Vanguard	- For The Toxin Stinger Soldier model
		- For the Demolition RPG Trooper model
		- For the fixed Avenger models
		- For the fixed damaged emperor model
		- For helping me with coding issues
		- For the Advanved ECM tank model

Key0p		- For the nuclear siege soldier model
		- For the Double barreled tank hunter model

CoolFile	- For the climbing & bomb placing animations for the Saboteur

SoulReaver	- For helping me to learn modeling and skinning

Sleipnir	- For his GLA supply truck model
		- For his great editing forum that helped me to finish my mod

ColdBlooded	- For burtons HE grenades cameo
		- For the Toxin Terrorist Nerve gas pack Cameo

OldManFunk	- For the Skin of the GLA Sniper

ice		- For the original WarMaster Tank model
		- For the Toxin Grenadier model
		- For allowing me to use some idea's of his mod for my own

Comradej	- For helping me beta testing and giving advice with balance and bug fixing

Immoman		- For helping me beta testing and giving advice with balance and bug fixing
		- For helping me with coding issues

Cyborg		- For helping me beta testing and giving advice with balance and bug fixing

Corgano 	- For helping me beta testing and giving advice with balance and bug fixing

Natus		- For helping me beta testing and giving advice with balance and bug fixing
		- For providing me with sound effect resources

The Phantastic	- For helping me beta testing and giving advice with balance and bug fixing

Mohawk		- For helping me beta testing and giving advice with balance and bug fixing
		- For providing me with sound effect resources

(If I forgot to mention any body contact me ASAP and you will be added in the list!)

And special thanks to all the other people that supported and helped this mod!

(Note this mod was in development ever since ZH 1.0 release so not all changes of the 
latest 1.03 patch may be included yet)

If you want to use any material of this mod for your own mod or project contact me (The Hunter - [email protected])
Should you be caught using any material with out my permission your balls will be cut off with a table spoon.

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