Survival Map Pack

survival_map_pack.zip —


Here's a map pack of 8 maps for Zero Hour. Many of them are made for no-rush style play, made for building up your base before attacking. The maps range in size from 2 to 8 players.

The textures could use some work, but the building placement is above average, and as mostly symmetrical, the maps are fairly balanced.



this  survival map pack have all  my most  play maps of survival download it  and have fun  :)  you can allways look for map updates on www.survivalclan.tk 

there many no rush survival maps in the map pack this map pack is made for C&C  generals not for zero hour  makers name E-3
my maps do not have ai there made for online games on c c generals  

to install the maps go to  My Documents/Command and Conquer Generals data  file

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