The Finest Hour Demo

This is a demo verson of The Finest Hour which allows you play as the germans.



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This is a demo verson of The Finest Hour which allows you play as the germans.


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Download 'tfhsetup.exe' (22.31MB)

-The Finest Hour Demo-

Note: This demo can only be played when you've got the "Zero Hour" expansion 
pack for C&C Generals installed with the 1.2 patch. Otherwise you won't be 
able to play this demo.
Note2: If you have any other mods installed it can be possible that you 
can't run this demo. For the best working of this demo, uninstall all other 

Installation instructions:

1)Open the TFHSetup.exe
2)Follow the instructions on the screen
3)After the installation there will be a shortcut on your desktop
4)Hit the shortcut to play the demo!


You can uninstall the demo by clicking the start menu, go to The Finest Hour 
Demo and hit the uninstall button.

Keep in mind that it's just a demo and not the final version. If you would 
like to report any bugs, do this here:

Thanks to the TFH team for the hard work on this demo.

Special thanks:
- Widowmaker
- Hexman/2312222
- darky
- others i might forgot

Check our website: for regular updates about the 

Copyright The Finest Hour 2003-2004
The team cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by use of this 
All materials including but not limited to models and ini files are 
copyrighted by the team and may not be used without express permission from 
the team.

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