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Well everyone, The TFTW mod team has finely released the first public version of The First Tiberian War. Due to servers issues the TFTW mod...


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Well everyone, The TFTW mod team has finely released the first public version of The First Tiberian War. Due to servers issues the TFTW mod team is having they requested we host TFTW for them to help distribute the file in till they can get their servers fixed. I went at a few rounds with the AI and I have to say I was very impressed with the entire mod. I would suggest this for you hard core CnC Fans that have been here long enough to know about the older CnC Games. So what are you waiting for, download it already :D

If you all also have a problem installing this, it's quite simple. Extract every file to your main zero hour folder and then run the game. If you have a different drive letter for where your zero hour folder is then you have to edit a script file, see the readme for more info.

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Download 'tftw_v1.0.exe' (121.09MB)

The First Tiberian War V0.5
Command and Conquer™: Generals Zero Hour™

TFTW Site:
24th of December 2004

		First off, on behalf of the TFTW team, thank you for support. This is the first public version of The First Tiberian War, and as noted by the V0.5 above it is not the final product. 
		Specifically, not until at least all features of the game are implemented will this Total Conversion be V1.0, features to look forward to are:-

- Construction Yard Code
In future versions, the Construction Yard will be the primary building tool, not the dozer. Buildings will be prepared then placed from the Construction Yard and they will only be allowed to be placed within the base area. This code was planned for this version but due to several minor bugs it was not of release standard.
- Improved AI (using CY Code)
The improved AI, as well as being improved to pose a more respectable challenge, will use the Construction Yards as their building tool.
- Complete separation of TFTW code from ZH code
To facilitate easy transference to a later SAGE engine release, all TFTW code will be completely separate from ZH code, besides this clear advantage doing this cuts down the amount of bugs significantly as well as speeding up the coding process. 
- Completely bugless World Builder
At the moment, TFTW is almost complete separate from ZH ini code, but small connections that remain are causing some non-serious errors that are detected when loading WB, click ignore 2/3 times and it will load as normal, future versions will have this fixed.
- Completely new graphic windows
In the current version only a select few of windows are completely redesigned, other’s are simply recoloured or have their backgrounds changed, in future versions no ZH menu will be recognisable.

Also take note of the black space at the start of a game, this will serve as a small mini menu for communication, scores etc. in future versions, clicking on the minimise bar below it will make it disappear. 
- Launcher and Installer
At the moment the mod is in a self-extractor form and is launched by a crude, but universally effective VBs script. This is because for the first version, we wanted to make sure everyone could play it, a launcher was planned but it would not have worked on all computers, expect to see one for the next version. Instructions how to install are below
- General Improvements
Aside from the previous features we will be fixing balances and bugs, adding new graphics and maps, basically all round general improvement and we would be glad to hear your feedback on the forums to help us.

Until V1.0, we would ask you to treat each release as a sort of public beta. All feedback from this beta is welcome as it will quicken our progress towards V1.0 which we hope to do as soon as possible.

		In the self-extraction rar, there are five .ftw files, these go in your Zero Hour Directory, the VBs file, goes on your desktop.

		An instructions.txt file is provided to instruct you how to set up the VBs script, or you can simply follow the steps here:-

To use this script, see below:

-Open the file in Notepad or some other text editor 
-Look for the line beginning with "strGenZHPath" (its line #27) and change the path to match your Generals Zero Hour installation folder don't forget to include the trailing slash!! and do not remove the quotes at either end of the path.

Once you save the change you made, and you activate the script, you will have three choices, yes, no and cancel. ‘Yes’, activates the mod and loads it. ‘No’, deactivates TFTW and ‘cancel’ simply does nothing. It is recommended to always deactivate TFTW after you have played it, if you have not deactivated it do not load TFTW from the ZH exe, use the script.

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