The GunRun's Mod²: HourZero



another great mod for Zero:Hour, but i must say credits go to his n all e different works from other developers n GunRun put it up all together perfectly. other then e weird bug, chinese matrix huh? lol. i beg to encounter that bug! between, just check out Agent Smith in e screenie. yup. thats e guy ur able to use in e game, n this guy needs a powerplant to run him. jeez!! oh yeah, n e darn cloning thing. there more of em dudes! e mob for U.S.A~ haha. theres also e b3 bomber added, with a new airfield. oh another thing, e bombers are only usable once *slaps forehead*. Intercontentental Balistik Missile Silo added for america side -- i havent got through that yet, but hey.. sounds nice~


muahaha is that right?



The GunRun's Mod²: HourZero

Readme by The Gunrun.

-This mod is intended for use for CnC Generals ZeroHour ONLY-

      Tested using latest version of Generals ZeroHour without problems.

       Long Live Westwood
     Forever..Long Live C&C!

Copyright June 23, 2003:

You Have permission to use my files for modifying your Generals game. You do not have permission to edit them without my permission. Ifs, ands, ors, or buts are not within my league! Just ask me! E-Mail me @ [email protected] to ask for permission.

..::Turn WordWrap On!::..

Features of Mod:

1) All supply centers have 500$ every 20 seconds.

2) Agent smith from the matrix is added.

3) eRe_'s airfield is added to america.

4) Mr.Tinkles' Stealth b3 is added and can be bought from eRe_'s field.

5) All infintry are faster in training times.

6) Intercontentental Balistik Missile Silo added for america side.

7) Posibly more, but i forgot em.

1) Place the 01gunrunZh.big file into your generals zero horu directory

2) Run Generals and enjoy!
Known Bugs and Issues:
1) Chinese letters apear randomly anywhere wile playing.
This wouldn't be posible with out the help from Mr. Tinkles and eRe_ from the forums. The Large Airstrip is from eRe_'s airforce mod. get it at http://generalsfiles.com

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