The GunRun's Mod²: HourZero 2.5 The Reloaded Revolution



This is as far as i know, the biggest kick-arse mod for Zero:Hour!! All the new units made from other mods and his own all put together with great skinning!! how nice is that already? and plus the matrix theme, they even have the sentinals unit!! plus some revised units, most bugs are fixed. i havent encounter any yet. Great job on this dude!! totally awesome..

Note: This is a FULL VERSION. Meaning, i've inserted the patch inside.. meaning, you dont have to download the patch, its all inside already. Unless the rest whom downloaded from GunRun's site without the new patch, the separate patch is available here.



The GunRun's Mod²: HourZero 2.5 The Reloaded Revolution

Rated T for teen

Readme by The Gunrun.

-This mod is intended for use for CnC Generals ZeroHour ONLY-

      Tested using latest version of Generals ZeroHour without problems.

       Long Live Westwood
     Forever..Long Live C&C!

Copyright November 5, 2003 (Matrix Revolutions):

You Have permission to use my files for modifying your Generals game. You do not have permission to edit them without my permission. Ifs, ands, ors, or buts are not within my league! Just ask me! E-Mail me @ [email protected] to ask for permission.

..::Turn WordWrap On!::..

Features of Mod:

1) All supply centers have 500$ every 20 seconds.

2) Agent smith from the matrix is added.

3) eRe_'s airfield is added to America & GLA.

4) Mr.Tinkles' Stealth b3 is added and can be bought from eRe_'s field America Side.

5) All infintry are faster in training times.

6) Intercontentental Balistik Missile Silo added for AirForce General's Dozer Only.

7) All generals' building units are buildible to all command centeres with out genearls.

8) Smith can clone himself.

9) The Tomahawk Storm is added to Regular USA side's Dozer only.

10) And much much more stuff that u will like very much


12) Paradrop special #3 drops 20 smiths via B3 Jet.

13) Smith is now more human to simulate reality.

14) B3 bomber can reload at the air strip.

15) Added some voices to the units that were taken out of game due to explicent content.

16) My Anthrax Beta Plane is added to the GLA's Airfield.

17) The GLA Stinger Soldier is added to the All of GLA's Barracks.

18) The BioHazard Soldier is added to the all of USA's Barracks.  

19) New China Aircraft: Emp MIG Fires emp bombs. Avalible to all china sides.

20) New Unit: The Sentinal (from the matrix) is added to all sides with a airfield.

1) Place the 01gunrunZh.big file into your generals zero hour directory

3) Run Generals and enjoy!
1) Optional new cammra angle:Just intall the gamedata.ini into your zerohour data/ini folder.
Known Bugs and Issues:
1) Chinese letters apear randomly anywhere wile playing.

2) Wile playing on the new cammra position the ground might become water. to fix this zoom in closer or move the cammra.(hold right mouse butten and drag)

3) If the 01gunrunzh.big file is renamed the mod is comprimized.

4) Smith clones start to do the matrix act when they are dieing.

5) Stinger Soldiers walk funny or walk with out moving legs some times.

6) The Text on the bottem of the screen the shows up right after the game ends is all curupted.

If you find a bug in the game please send with a screen shot if posible to [email protected]
The Story: 
	The matrix's rejection percentage is grown higher to further simulate reality the matrix is forwarded 20 years and begins a war we all know as the war of the generals. 1 year into the war project zero hour was put into play by the gla which lead to a massive extinction of humans and the matrix lost 10% of its human power crop. To stop the massive loss of energy the AI gave the generals the power to inslave Agent Smith and use his clones to even out the war leading to what the AI calls HourZero. Soon after agent smith was becomming too powerful and started to break away from his masters. To cope with the disobediance the AI took away 75% of his battle power, but before they did Agent Smith added a encoded program into his matrix which was the power to live though people after his death. This lead to all Agent Smith clones to split into two rangers after every death. May man have mercy for his sins. Tha MAtriX Haz Yu
This wouldn't be posible with out the help from Mr. Tinkles and eRe_ from the forums. The Large Airstrip is from eRe_'s airforce mod. get it at http://generalsfiles.com

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