The GunRun's Mod³: Final Hour II

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This is the new update to Gunrun's series. This one comes with raptors that have pilots and can bail out! You just gotta love the bail out button, great fun :). And those aren't just normal pilots anymore, pilots can now double as hijackers! So before your plane crashes, bail, and steal an enemy vehicle. Another perk is that china teams can now carpet bomb. All carpet bombs have been giving a little something more... there are three bombers in a pack! If u are wondering is that too strong, i don't think so, because it isn't so much that it kills the command center. There are more changes, download it to get a welcomed surprise! Another good mod by gunrun.:thumbsup:



The GunRun's Mod³: Final Hour II

Rated T for teen

Readme by The Gunrun.

-This mod is intended for use for CnC Generals ZeroHour ONLY-

      Tested using latest version of Generals ZeroHour without problems.

       Long Live Westwood
     Forever..Long Live C&C!

Copyright November 5, 2003 (Matrix Revolutions):

You Have permission to use my files for modifying your Generals game. You do not have permission to edit them without my permission. Ifs, ands, ors, or buts are not within my league! Just ask me! E-Mail me @ [email protected] to ask for permission.

..::Turn WordWrap On!::..

Features of Mod:

1) All supply centers have 500$ every 20 seconds.

2) CIA Officers Replace Agent smith.

3) eRe_'s airfield is added to America & GLA.

4) Mr.Tinkles' Stealth b3 is added and can be bought from eRe_'s field America Side.

5) All infintry are faster in training times.

6) Intercontentental Balistik Missile Silo added for AirForce General's Dozer Only.

7) All generals' building units are buildible to all command centeres with out genearls.

8) CIA Officer can spy on enemmy

9) The Tomahawk Storm is added to Regular USA side's Dozer only.

10) The leaflet Storm is added in place of leaflet drop.

11) New Opener

12) Paradrop special #3 drops 20 rangers via B3 Jet.

13) Ranger's Weapon is automatic

14) B3 bomber can reload at the air strip.

15) Added some voices to the units that were taken out of game.

16) My Anthrax Beta Plane is added to the GLA's Airfield.

17) The GLA Stinger Soldier is added to the All of GLA's Barracks.

18) The BioHazard Soldier is added to the all of USA's Barracks.  

19) New China Aircraft: Emp MIG Fires emp bombs. Avalible to all china sides.

20) Black Lotus can call in napalm strikes.

21) GLA can build the baikonur uplink station.(Fires the great baikonur rocket)

22) All usa generals can build icbm.

23) All the superweapons via generals points are double the power. (i.e. more tanks for the tank para drop)

24) The drons that come from the hummer and all the other american vehicals that can get battle drones and stuff get double drones!

25) The rangers now use frag/flash-bang grenades. That means they can kill tanks in double time!

26) The Redguard has faster firing time.

27) Added the POW truck.

28) Hummvees can go up mountains!

29) All troopcrawlers are amphibius. Then can freeking swim!

30) GLA's chem plane is a transport now.

31) POW truck repairs units with'n range.

32) The MOAB is Greater in damage. (Requiors Presidentcy)

33) Nukelear Missle IS much greater in damage.

34) The Emp Superweapon now uses 4 emp bombs, stronger transport plane, & more than one plane.

35) Got better images for the new stuff.

36) General Promotions Take more effort.

37) 1,000,000 Generals Points makes you the new president or leader or your nation giving you weapons of ultumate destruction

38) Cammra is placed at a much higher level making the best of your command.

39) Most bombing superweapons use more than one plane. Such as the carpet bomber having two air craft.

40) Changed the timeings of all the superweapons to make them suitible for use.


1) Place the 01gunrunZhR.big file into your generals zero hour directory

3) Run Generals and enjoy!
Known Bugs and Issues:
Posibly Hundreads! If u find a bug send me all the stuff u know about it!

If you find a bug in the game please send with a screen shot if posible to [email protected]
The Story: 
	Its the "Final Hour" Duh! (If u have a better one send me it)
This wouldn't be posible with out the help from Mr. Tinkles and eRe_ from the forums. The Large Airstrip is from eRe_'s airforce mod. get it at http://generalsfiles.com

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