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The River Divides

the_river_divides.zip —


This is a well detailed two player map. The two players sit at opposite corners of the map. Where you would expect the other two players to be, if it were a four player map, there are little cavillian towns. It is ai enabled so it is good for online and skirmish play. The cavillians are moving, which makes the map even more fun. The start points have a good abount of space for building. Overall, this is a good map



created by Hippy

Map name:The River divides	

2 player-skirmish enabled

My latest map,I went for a large central battle zone with two smaller routes across the river.With plenty of money around it wont be long before a fair force is coming your way...dont hang around.

To Install unzip folder to C:\My documents\Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour data\maps


any comments to [email protected]

All my maps are Zero hour ready and feature new tech buildings,traffic and pedestrians.

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