Urban Assault

After some feedback they have decided to completely redo the tank.



After the United States Army crushed the GLA in 201...


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After some feedback they have decided to completely redo the tank.



After the United States Army crushed the GLA in 2013, the UN accused the USA of not having permission for setting up a base of operations in China. The final remaining GLA general, Rodall "Demo" Juhziz, narrowly escaped incarceration and was released back into the public.

About six months later masked men holding AK-47s held an American couple hostage in their hotel in Cairo. The masked men demanded the Egyptian government pay 8,000,000 American dollars in exchange for the hostages. The Egyptian government refused to pay fearing that the men would kill the hostages anyway and keep the money.

Later That Day...

Three SUVs speeded down a street in Paris, France. The SUVs drove up to the Eiffel tower and exploded, causing the tower to fall on to the streets, crushing hundreds of people. A hijacked Huey helicopter armed with dual miniguns mowed down the fleeing people.

Two MiG-17 jet planes flew over Hollywood, dropping napalm bombs onto tourists.

A zodiac boat armed with three M-60 machine guns started shooting at beach-goers in Sidney, Australia. Ten minutes later, the President of the United States is briefed on these events.

Three months pass without any terrorist activity, until the most devastating terrorist attack in all of history… At the G-8 summit in Berlin, all members attending are taken hostage by a group of masked men that call themselves the United Terrorist Coalition (UTC.)

Within three hours, all of the hostages are killed, including the President of the United States. Back in America, riots are tearing apart the world’s most powerful nation. The Vice-President is quickly sworn in and is briefed by America’s top generals.

After a quick meeting, the President declares war on the countries most likely responsible for these terrorist attacks. Eight hours later, American troops are marching into Syria, Iran, Kazakhstan, and Pakistan.

After two weeks of searching for insurgents in these countries, the US has found nothing related to the attack on the G-8 summit. The next day, 747s are driven into the capitols of these four countries; over one million people are killed.

After realizing that the US was wrong to invade these countries, they quickly pull out and head home. The US President sends a formal apology to the new leaders of all these nations.

One month later, multiple suicide bombings in Chicago, Washington, and Hollywood sends the United States into a state of Martial law. Many American citizens are arrested and three killed during an attempt at crowd control by the National Guard.

The next day, a video containing Rodall Juhziz telling the US that the remains of his mass army is coming seek revenge on the US is played on CNN. Juhziz also states in the video that has army is coming from his hometown in Kuwait. After a briefing by his top generals, the President decides to invade Kuwait and Operation: Urban Assault is initiated…

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