Urbane Warfare 1.2

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 A Four Player Skirmish Map for Command And Conquer Zero hour. This large sized urban environment  spans the course of an entire city with "Four large sized base zones inter-connected by a highway" Includes Industrial docks with water and railway bridge, University area, large office building complexes, uptown area, park area, upscale neighbourhood and many tactical opportunities to set  up strongholds or garrisons! Other features include river  through the center of map, with "Two Tactical bridges to take!" A train that travels the far outer perimeter of the map. Lots of Tech Building! And more than enough resources for a completely beautiful and modern Zero Hour match! This version of "Urbane Warfare" includes a " slightly Re-worked ,bottom right hand starting zone for path finding reasons. The area is converted to an angled highway and quarter turned city block area.



URBANE WARFARE, is the sequel to Town Tournament, another Zero Hour Map of mine, Which was featured on the RTS You Tube Channel, under "Iraninan Mod" for Zero hour! Now onto the new map.
       Urbane-Warfare took a few months to create, and has a high re-play value with plenty of nice features!
It is a Four-Player skirmish Map in an urbanized setting with plenty of zones, ranging from Commercial, Down-Town, Two Industrial areas ,an Intermodal yard, a Nice Nieghbor hood, a University, and a Park area.
 There is a lush river that separates the map with a Highway running all the way around for direct access to each others bases. Sevral " Bridge Type stronghold's" Exist, as well as many Choke points! 
Each Player Has access to Two Tech Oil Derricks from the start with Two Supply Docks! 
*The Bottom Most portion contains a Tech repair Bay, One Tech Oil Derrick,One Tech Oil refinery.
*The Middle section of the Map contains Three Tech Oil derricks,
Two Tech Reinforcement pads and One tech hospital.
*The Top Most Section of Map Includes, Three Tech oil Derricks, One Tech Reinforcement pad, and One Tech Oil refinery.
There are Thirty-Three Small Supply Piles.
The Additional Six Supply Warehouses Located throughout the center of Urbane warfare Map  are Scrippted to contain Seventy-Five  Thousand Dollars in resources!
If you would like to collaberate on a project or Talk about Command And conquer please feel free to Reach out to me at;
[email protected]
-The Gunnie Father

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