I have searched for template maps for Zero Hour Worldbuilder and never found any, so I made a map pack with 8 of them. These maps are for map makers who just want to make a fast map and play, without having to add all the waypoints, areas, ect. These are RAW maps, they are completely playable, but do not contain mountains, trees, water, ect. Place these into your map folder just like any fan made map (see enclosed readme), open in Worldbuilder, make them pretty and play, saving tons of time. As far as I know there is no Worldbuilder for mac, sorry guys and gals. I run XP in a partition and make my maps there, then transfer them to mac with Parallels and play on the mac side. Enclosed maps are:

-2 Player horizontal, 2 Player Vertical, 3 Player (triangle island), 4 Player, 5 Player (pentagon island), 6 Player Sides (players on sides), 6 Player Top and Bottom, and 8 Player. I have never seen nor see a use for a 7 Player map..lol. Enjoy!



6 years ago

I have used these maps to make the next map pack I am working on, I apologize if I left a tree or 2, I didn't have a mousewheel and couldn't zoom out so I used the trees as markers.