This is my second skirmish map pack for Zero Hour, there are a few things to note here. The map Be The Damed was very difficult to get the dam to work correctly and in this one I was going for more realism, a fun map! Secondly in Pirate Island and Mario Tribute, I started to incorporate art work into the maps. The mario map was very time consuming, but the enemies react really well (building, attacks, ect.), plus how cool is it to battle on mario? :D Lastly, I enclosed the readme file into the zip file so it's easily accessed. I worked very hard on these, enjoy!



How to Install: Windows: Start Menu/My Documents/Command and conquer Zero Hour Data/Maps Mac: Go/Library/Containers/com.aspyr.command.conquer.generals.appstore/Data/ Documents/Command & Conquer Generals Zero hour/User Data/Maps Note that on Mac, the Library folder is hidden, search how to show hidden folders online for your specific OS. BE VERY CAREFUL! Do not alter anything in this folder, you can ruin you OS! Simply drag and drop maps into specified path, they will appear in Unofficial Maps in game.

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