Willietoo's Map Pack

A Map Pack of Willietoo's maps! 20 different maps to play with.


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A Map Pack of Willietoo's maps! 20 different maps to play with.

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Download 'willietoo_map_pack.rar' (1.34MB)

Air Warz v1
usa would do best on this map thier are 6 carrier that can be captured
some oil and oil refinerys in the corner a 3vs3 map made by willietoo

All Out AOD(Art Of Defense)
turrents above the map stuff will spawn all around you i think it should be hard
i havent really tested plz post a coment if needed improved somehow thank you
they come a long the 3 brigdes and sometimes they don't(hint hint) i will not spoul the rest 
and by the way make sure you put gla at hard or it will not work my first aod i have made 
willieto also made

All Out War!
a 4vs4 map its huge you are seperated by moutains and a river plenty of tech and  supplys comp works i also made this
guess who it was lol ^^

Flooded Plains Tank Warz V4
a tank warz with the water going up and down thier are timers telling you when it goes up or down 
disabled stuff= airfeilds. rpgs , some defensives, outposts also made by willietoo comp might work( i cant remember)
lots of reinfocement pads on this map made by willietoo i forgot to say that when i sent to them sry guys lol

Island Hopping
basiccally explains itself you hope around the island with amphbous trasports suplly everywhere makes you move around 
also quite a bit of tech air has been disabled made by willietoo comp doesnt work

Island Hopping V2
basically same has origanal exept more tech and supplys added more amphibs added and their health lowered comp doesnt work
also made by willietoo

Rainy day By Willietoo
basiccaly what it says a cuple of rivers/steam flowing through it raining no tech but quite a bit of supplys
good free for all map comp might work(i dont remember again)

Water Killz Tank Warz V1
set in the snow lots of tech and supplys relies on teamwork/moving around comp works just not very well
water also goes up and down timer to tell u when made by willietoo also snows

Infantry Warz
set in a snow its swnow somewhat detail decent tech and supplys infantry related stuff only made by willietoo

violent tundra
another infantry warz map infantry realated only snowing tech and supplys in good supply made by willietoo
this was made for a friend he requested it

Valley of Terror
this is new so no eall good stuff will be given away ill just say some tech and supply enough to play lol comp doesnt work temprate
made by willietoo 

five continents Tank Warz
same has other but differnt lay out and only 4 reinforcement pads in this 1 made by willietoo

The War
a team work map tech and supply scattered all over the place detail is pretty good well at least i think :P
origanlly a map request but he didnt like it so i renamed and made him another one which is nexted made by willietoo

The Key to Vitory id TeamWork
a teamwork based map not detail very well but it does its job lol made by willietoo

Water World 2
sounds interesting doesnt it ^^ its look very like twilight flame but i made it from scatch  it rains and when you kill the damns it floods up a leval
then you kill somthing else and it raises even more there are brigdes to help move around and amphibous carriers to also help to move around
 made for a freind also made by willietoo and darkfire

deepblue V2 water goes up and down nothing is diabled tech/tanks/aircraft carriers to capture planes fly around map for reason you can kill the planes
if you want made by willietoo 

v1  2 trains go through. it on the right side left botom there is a city with some tech.
supplys near river and ur base also oil by river wit supplys. 

v2 adds as a afg base on the left side near the bottom. t on the right side left botom there is a city with some tech.
supplys near river and ur base also oil by river wit supplys. 
v3 adds a china nuke base, tech on both sides its near the river, a usa laser base,and a gla tox base.
v3 removed the city

Well I hope you enjoy this map pack if you would like world builder help or to make a reaquest by the map macking team i have put together fell free to 
post in are forums ^^ http://ownagegeneral.proboards57.com/index.cgi

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