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Here's a very handy mod swapper returning with version 1.1. It's more user-friendly in the way that it more automates the way to generate...


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Here's a very handy mod swapper returning with version 1.1. It's more user-friendly in the way that it more automates the way to generate your own compatible mods with this. I'd suggest that everyone making a mod less than 30 MB ought to use this to incorporate their mod.

If you have any mods installed then you'll have to do this:

1. Uninstall ZH 2. Go into explorer and delete the folder where ZH was installed (in program files) 3. Do the same to the folder in My Documents 4. Install ZH 5. Don't install any mods and then install ZHMM.

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Name: Zero Hour Mod Manager 1.1
Author: Kevin McKelvin
Email: [email protected]
Release Date: 11 April 2005


Zero Hour Mod Manager 1.1

If you're tired of copying files to apply mods, this is definitely for you. Just double-click on a mod to activate it.

What's New?


Mod Packaging Wizard (Tools menu)


Changed the "Mod Archiver" button to "Mod Packaging Wizard"
Changed my e-mail address
Fixed the Uninstall function that if a file didn't exist, it wouldn't uninstall
Only one instance of ZHMM is allowed at one time. Prevents corruption of data by saving out-of-date files

The main focus on this was easier end-user usage. Especially to make mods compatible with ZHMM.

You can generate script files (script.ini), see the "How to make a mod work?" section
You can generate file lists from the zip files (see the "How to make a mod work?" section for more info)
Mod compatibility checking (makes sure a mod's files don't conflict with another mod's files)
If a mod overwrites a Generals ZH original file, ZHMM makes a backup the original
A couple of UI Tweaks (Smaller window, just for those of you who use an 800x600 resolution, etc.)
Now it's possible to deactivate all mods at once (Tools menu)
You can uninstall mods which either don't work or you don't like!
Updated the readme
Added the option to close ZHMM when starting Zero Hour. Useful on machines with limited RAM (256MB or less)
ZHMM automatically closes after a mod is installed.
Added some menus
- The Tools menu contains the new script.ini generator and Deactivate All functions.
- The Websites menu contains 3 websites for Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour
as well as email addresses for Suggestions and Bug Reports (use different subjects).

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