Zero Hour Reborn - Part 2

zerohour_reborn_v3.0_part2.zip —


Updated version, and possibly the last from the developer. All detailed updates and fixes, read below.

Note: this is part two of the installer for the mod, part one is available here.



Creator: Nuker/Decimator
Email: [email protected]
Thanks to...

Airforce Mod creator
Modern Warfare General creator
Chris V80
CnC Matrix Community
Generalfiles Community
Anyone else that i forgot

1. Extract all files
2.Run installation program

2. CLick start and click unistall Zero Hour Reborn V3.0 Part1 or Part2

Sadly this may be the last release for Zero Hour Reborn unless i get more competiton...
Anyways be on the look out for news on my TC (Total Conversion) of Zero Hour into the original Command And Conquer :)

Additions (Full list from V1.0)

Adds the USA Commander In Chief, China Commander In Chief, and GLA Terror Leader
Adds multiple new units to each side etc Saddam's Super Gun, Redguard Horde, GLA Officer...
Fixes Previous Bugs/glitches

Still not fixed bugs/glitches
You are unable to play the first USA mission ( im stumped on this one)
You are unable to play against the Laser General in Generals Challenge (im confuesed on this one since everything with the Laser Gen is fine)

Attempt to fix bugs and glitches
Multiple other changes to balance gameplay
Tomahawk Storm replaces Bomber Command
Baikinour Rocket Command for GLA
Neutron Missile Silo for China
Stinger Soldiers Respawn Faster
Realistic Attack Ranges
Artillery Realistic
Alpha Aurora Balancing issues from the V1.02 Zero Hour Patch (Mini Fuel Air Bomb just a little weaker)
Multiple new Generals Abilities for the new Generals

Quick try to fix all bugs and glithces

Totally rushed release with multiple bugs/glitches
Bomber Command
Added USA Assault General, China EMP/Napalm General, and GLA Dictator

Fixed bugs and glitches
HE Missile upgrade (USA) Raptor missiles stronger
Rocket Pod Button is different now forgot to mention it before

Regular changes
Color adjustments to lasers
More starting money choices
Weapon Chianges
Different missile exhasts
Realistic Tank Shell Detonations
Infantry recieve more damage from tanks
Cost changes
Build Time changes
Realistic Clip Sizes
Descirption changes for some Generals things
New Bios for loading screens
New sound for paradrops 
Machine Guns fire realistically
Most nuclear explosions send things around it flying

USA (includes Generals)

Adv.Crusader (USA)
Ability to undeploy sentry drone machine gun for reconnisence
Ranger MA206 Grenades Upgrade are for anti-armor
C4 charges upgrade for Marines
Adv.Crusader can be upgraded with the TOW missile
Hellfire Missiles upgrade Comanche does 25% more damage with missiles
F-18 Hornet Fighter Bomber
A10 Thunderbolts (Granger)
Oil Derricks
Oil Derricks may call in a supply drop (You can finally give allies money!)
ICBM Silo (Alexis Only)
Particle Cannon does more damage (Townes)
Starts with Paladin (Townes)
Paradrop now yields as follows
Rank1 5 Rangers 1 Humvee
Rank2 5 Rangers 5 MissileDefenders
Rank3 10 Missile Defenders 10 Rangers
Special Operations (Inset a squad of Marines by chinook) 
Satelitte Strike (Townes)
Ballistic Missile Strike (Alexis)
All Generals may get F-18 science earlier
Saturation Bombing
Hover Crusader (USA)
Supply Truck
Raptor (Granger)
Bunker Busters damage all ground units
Raptors are cloaked
MOAB is stronger
Strategy Center has more health
Battle Plans give more bonuses
Pathfinder Laser Designator
More but i cant think of them...

China (Includes Generals)
Officer (May call in an inferno strike)
Napalm Strike (Shin Fai)
Flame Trooper (Shin Fai)
Rifle Upgrade increases Redguard clip size
Devastator Tank
Overlord (Kwai)
Mine Tank
Nuke Truck (China)
Su-34 Bomber
Tank paradrop yields a couple more tanks
Nuke Strike (Tao)
Aerial Assault
Heat Rounds for Gattling Cannon Building (Does more damage to armored units)
Oil Derrick
Oil Derricks may call in a supply drop (You can finally give allies money!)
Heavy Supply Truck
Redgurad (Shin Fai)
Briefcase Nuke (Tao)
Redgurad Bayonet Attack
Nuke Tank Hunter (Tao)
More but i cant think of them...

GLA (Includes Generals)
Terror Cell (Rodall)
Dirty Nuke (Kassad)
Viral Outbreak (Thrax)
Stinger Soldier
Molotov Cocktail grenades for rebels
Scrap Battlemaster
Scrap Crusader
King Scorpion
SAM Missiles for Rocket buggy once upgrade with the Rocket Buggy Ammo (Can fire at air units)
Sniper (Kassad)
Partisan (GLA)
Oil Derrick
Oil Derricks may call in a supply drop (You can finally give allies money!)
Revolt (Incite a revolt of Angry Mobs anywhere)
Chop Shop Provides money like Black Market except more
Supply Truck
RPG Troopers can be built at tunnel networks
More but i cant think of them...

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