Zero Hour Reborn : Rise Of The Ruthless (Part 2)

zerohour_nbsp_rebornv2part2.zip —


This is the latest installment to the great Reborn Mod, now includes 3 all new playable Generals, some tweaks to units and bugs/issues that have been fixed. It gets better and better! Read below in readme for described changes.

Note: Sadly, the developer couldn't get the installation together in one setup. This Mod comes in two parts, both are installers so you don't have to worry about extracting to the wrong place. This is PART TWO, click here for PART ONE. Sorry for the inconvinience caused~



Zero Hour Reborn V2.0 Rise Of The Ruthless

Includes 3 New Playable Generals
Includes everything from V1.0
Zero Hour Reborn V1.0 is not required to play this mod You only need to install part1 and part2
Multiple other changes to balance gameplay
Tomahawk Storm replaces Bomber Command
Baikinour Rocket Command for GLA
Neutron Missile Silo for China
Stinger Soldiers Respawn Faster
Realistic Attack Ranges
Artillery Realistic
Alpha Aurora Balancing issues from the V1.02 Zero Hour Patch (Mini Fuel Air Bomb just a little weaker)
Multiple new Generals Abilities for the new Generals
Previous bugs/glitches fixed

USA, China, and GLA Commander In Chiefs Coming soon in Zero Hour Reborn V3.0

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