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Installation Just Put Files In Your My DocumentsCommand and Conquer Generals Zero Hour DataMaps

Good Maps

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Download 'map_pack_by_conquer187.rar' (451KB)

size: 500x500
Players: Single Player Mission
Weather: Temperate
Time of day: Afternoon
Author: Blackcobra

Created Jason September. 2008 for www.cncmaps.com all rights reserved. ©


General Leang has conquered a province in the south of china. You are in charge of our Base Winterstorm. Build up a strong defense and start to stop Leang.  Three tank regiments are going to attack our base. We don't know exactly time and direction. We have get the information that Leang has a well protected base in the southwest and a rocket center in the south of our position. There is a factory in the little town near by. A truck convoy transports supplies for Leangs army. Somewhere north of Leangs base they are building a nuclear rocket launcher, try to eliminate it.

Your objectives:

1. Destroy the truck convoy to stop the delivery of supplies.

2. Eliminate the patrol tanks in the area.

3. Destroy the Command Centers of Leang

4. Find General Leang and kill her.

You Have particle cannons and supply drop zones. Be careful with your own limited stockpile. If you run out of money try to occupy Leangs base in the south or try to find supplies near the farms in the area.

Have fun.

Description: This is a Snowy themed 2 player Artic Winter zero hour map 
with a large lake. 
Map can be used for skirmish and online play.
Money warehouse piles have $75,000 instead of $30,000.
There are PtBoats and Amphibious Transports that you can
capture. AI works nice. Note: The artillary looks more realistic. 
The water looks aqua color,look around and enjoy your trip at the lake.
Your will be reinforced at the start of the game with, 
Boss General dozers,cruisemisslelaunchers,Helixs and inferno cannons they
will drive or fly into the screen then park allowing you to capture them with any man.
I replaced the loud heli blades with milder ones.
Tech Repair Pads are available for capture.

Any questions or comments about the map contact me at thomasalan@mchsi.com

Made by: thomasalan which made clearlakebattle.
Modified By Conquer187

Date: July 31  2004

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