Mental Omega v1.0

FEATURES1. About 50 new units, infantry and structures2. About 25 skirmish game modes in total3. 6 new Tech Buildings on new MO maps...


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1. About 50 new units, infantry and structures 2. About 25 skirmish game modes in total 3. 6 new Tech Buildings on new MO maps 4. Many new Skirmish maps 5. All known Yuri's Revenge bugs&glitches fixed 6. New country units and specialities enabled 7. PsiCorps divided to two countries: Yuri and Uri 8. All three conflict sides balanced 9. Soviet and PsiCorps air force enabled 10. No more PsiCorps naval and infantry deficiency 11. New in-game graphics enhancements and sounds 12. New storyline with three new campaigns (later versions) 13. Increased Artifical Intelligence (AI) and Computer IQ 14. New themes and Possibilty to use RA2 music in MO 15. Many in-game changes 16. And many, many more....

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Download 'mental_omega_apyr_1.0.exe' (13.73MB)

To install it, you will just need to place the file you downloaded in your RA2/YR directory and launch file. Before you press 'Activate Mod' button, make sure you read 'ReadMe' file, so you will know more about mod, how to install and uninstall e.t.c. What can I say more? I hope you will enjoy playing this mod and have fun!

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