Bio War Campaign Mod (DOS)



Bio War is a mod for the DOS version of Command & Conquer that features a four mission minicampaign that replaces the last Nod missions in the vanilla version. The mod also adds two new units for Nod: the Chemical Tank and the Heavy Tank, replacing the Flame Tank and Light Tank respectively.

Credits to Joshtree1989 and Nyerguds.
Originally submitted on February 17, 2004.

NOTE: This is not my work. I reuploaded the files here since PlanetCNC (where the mod was originally hosted) was taken down.



The Bio War Campaign
This file tells you how to install the Bio War Campaign in C&C.
The campaign contains four missions that replace the four last Nod missions.
In this campaign, you will also get two new units: the Chemical Tank,
replacing the Flame Tank, and the Heavy Tank, replacing the Light Tank.

This mod requires the full version of Command & Conquer. It works on
both DOS Command & Conquer and the Win95 version, Command & Conquer Gold.

However, if you're using DOS C&C you have to patch C&C to version 1.22.
You can download the 1.22 patch for C&C here:

The startup program BIOWAR.COM which is created during the installation
is Windows XP compatible, and will run Command & Conquer '95 in Win95
compatibility mode.
Furthermore, BIOWAR.COM is capable of recognising The First Decade, and
will make sure the game will not ask for the CD when run from TFD C&C95.

This is a standalone mod; while the installation of the Bio War
mod-campaign does require some of C&C's original files, the final mod
will not affect your normal C&C game.
You will only get the Bio War missions when running BIOWAR.COM

You should have received the following files in this distribution:

BIOWAR.TXT      This file
BIO_INST.BAT    Install/Uninstall program
BIOWAR.MIX      MIX file; contains all graphics and sounds of the mod
MMLITE.EXE      Mix Manager Lite v2.0
MMLITE.TXT      Mix Manager Lite Readme

If any of these files are missing, except for the .TXT files, this mod
will not install and/or run properly.

To install this mod, extract all files to your C&C directory and run
BIO_INST.BAT. You will then get a menu with the following options:

[F1] Install mod
[F2] Uninstall mod
[F3] Info
[ESC] Quit

I don't think I have to explain these. :)

To start the mod, go to your C&C directory and doubleclick on the file

When C&C has started, press LOAD GAME in the main menu, and select the
savegame "The BioWar campaign Mission 1".
It is advised to restart the mission after you load it, to see the intro
animation and to make sure you're playing the latest version of the mission.

I did NOT make these missions myself. I found this campaign on the Internet.
Unfortunately, it was anonymous, so I don't know whom to give credit for
making it. The only clue I have is that on PlanetCNC, the original version
of the Bio War they got up for download there is credited to Joshtree1989.
Unfortunately, this is the only place on the web where that nickname appears.

The original campaign was for C&C Gold only. What I did was make it DOS C&C
compatible and make it run independently from C&C.

Created by Maarten Meuris (AKA Nyerguds)

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