Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts
Opposing Fronts

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All Files In This Category
Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
Rurfront_1944(8p) Guest 6.09MB 5,796
Bois Jacques FoxHole Guest 4.02MB 3,379
RC_Realism Guest 10.87MB 2,807
Scraping the Barrel Guest 8.63MB 8,439
Trench [V2] Guest 4.45MB 1,693
Ned Kellys last stand Guest 3.32MB 713
NHCmod OF Guest 45.5MB 497
NHCmod OF Guest 45.49MB 1,797
RC_Realism Guest 10.63MB 440
RC_Realism Guest 10.61MB 294
Ned Kellys last stand Guest 2.34MB 51
NHCmod OF Guest 2KB 703
Trench(1vs1) Guest 6.33MB 94
Bunker Fight Valley Guest 7.39MB 3,997
The Hill Side Guest 6.95MB 4,640
Red Dawn (4P) Guest 2.14MB 1,435
Jay's First Map Guest 3.05MB 1,565
Armageddon Doctrine Guest 3.1MB 1,781
Battle for Moscow Guest 10.38MB 2,183
Battle for Moscow 2v2 Guest 7.06MB 4,678
Mario Brothers Tribute Guest 3.07MB 324
Battle for Berlin (2) Guest 5.69MB 4,400
Forest Town Guest 4.34MB 1,737
THE ISLAND Guest 846KB 1,821
Company of Heroes - the courage to legend (Cross) module Guest 432.97MB 3,029
The Three Rivers (6) Guest 5.42MB 18,483
Carentan Dawn Attack Final Guest 24.23MB 3,785
Devastation Mod Guest 11.21MB 372
Company of Heroes- Opposing Fronts Devastation mod Guest 7.36MB 324
Devastation Mod Guest 11.47MB 1,689
Doubt Be Invaded Guest 1.31MB 181
Concentration Guest 1.4MB 318
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