The Ruhr Pocket (4)

that has been fixed now.Place .sga file in "Documents/my games/company of heroes/ww2/scenarios"...


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that has been fixed now.Place .sga file in "Documents/my games/company of heroes/ww2/scenarios"The Ruhr Pocket (4) Version 2.0Players: 4 (2 vs. 2)Size: 320 x 320 (Medium)Fuel: 40 (10+10+10+10)Munitions: 72 (16+16+5+5+5+5+5+5+5+5)Strategic Points: 8Victory Points: 3Overview: In the spring of 1945, Allied forces crossed the Rhine and moved to encircle and capture the Ruhr district of western Germany. Hundreds of thousands of Wehrmacht troops defended the area in a battle known as the Ruhr Pocket.Features: The Ruhr Pocket is a medium-sized rural map that is equally balanced in resources, territory, and defensive cover on both sides of a central river. Five indestructible bridges (three vehicular, two footbridges) create strong chokepoints. Various types of weapons (many in the starting area and some hidden throughout the map) are available for pickup and use.For a larger yet similarly designed map, check out Eichsfeld Confluence (8).[/quote]~Pille

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