Company of Heroes

Company of Heroes is a real-time strategy game that drops you into the fray of World War II Europe. From the bloody beaches of Omaha to the deadly firefights of the Bocage, you attempt to lead your tr...

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mamayakurgan4p rcheverton 9.36MB 690
Fallschirmjager Paradrop matello_pl 684KB 254
Hezzys West Wall dave hazelgrave 8.83MB 1154
Berserk Mys BerserkerSwe 17.27MB 490
Infanterie Fight SGA!!! Intruder1984 1.45MB 514
Castle Wolfenstein SGA!!! Intruder1984 2.83MB 673
Battle of Bulge - SGA Intruder1984 3.34MB 610
Wetterspitze - SGA Intruder1984 2.1MB 416
The all around mod LCC45 254KB 203
RC_Realism Rygoat 13.51MB 414
Fallshrimjager paradrop paratroopers matello_pl 757KB 140
Kellers Para-Germany Mod mkeller25 2.9MB 166
Battle of the Bulge Intruder1984 6.25MB 858
Infanterie Fight Intruder1984 1.86MB 700
Wetterspitze Intruder1984 4.1MB 676
Operation Market Garden Day 1 Tripisis 3.58MB 330
Defence of Nijmegen Tripisis 5.34MB 511
Eagle's Nest Ben B 2.94MB 1137
Forrest Gump Aaron Tran 12.54MB 1565
Le Tremblot (2) PeeRiddle 10.44MB 454
Castle Wolfenstein Intruder1984 5.06MB 1277
RC_Realism Rygoat 8.61MB 219
Darthborne Mod Dartborne 383.54MB 1122
Rurfront 1944 Rudi61 7.71MB 433
RC Realism Rygoat 7.89MB 167
Vire River Extended 8 Player Mario U. Guzman 15.15MB 2532
Vire River Extended Mario U. Guzman 14.38MB 1670
NHCmod OF v1.3b Hotfix ab2531 3.64MB 1071
Sacrifice and separate devil566 4.47MB 915
Neresheim SilentHunter65 2.87MB 531
Kaiserslautern 30thArmoredDivision 7.74MB 857
NHCmod OF ab2531 37.33MB 2118
Stalingrad rcheverton 7.81MB 2315
Bloody Village TriggerMDK 5.93MB 1263
Just Another Beach Map TristaniaCorp 9.7MB 645
Hurtgen Forest WhiteysGhost 13.34MB 1428
River Kwai oomiya 4.41MB 862
Final War : Bloody War Ruzlie 3.84MB 740
Eagles69 Map Pack Eagle69NoFace 13.96MB 1135
W.A.R. mod Parazil 2.78MB 409
Bocage Cam51 13.61MB 1647
Carentan 4 players Matony 5.6MB 1764
Carantan Matony 3.99MB 1366
FInal War Ruzlie 1.77MB 340
Villedieu les Poele mamdwazlote 12.58MB 1232
Brno Martyw 1.55MB 455
Rurfront 1944 Rudi61 6.35MB 1718
Invasion mod Invasion 652KB 847
Dartborne Mod Dartborne 397.31MB 2119
Invasion v0.2 Invasion 514KB 205