New Realism Mod 95% Completed

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Published by Hfx-Rebel 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Some great news comes our way courtesy of Sturmfuhrer! He has taken the time to send in an update to his WIP mod: Realism Mod 1939-1945, in which, among other information, he has informed us that it is nearly 95% complete! w00t!!

In short, this mod will provide a realistic WW2 environment and game on which to play Company of Heroes, and comes with a number of changes to acheive this objective:

  • Increased weapon damage for all Weapons
  • Tanks have random critical hits
  • New Doctrines for Allied and Axis
  • Lowered unit Hit points for Infantry
  • New Skins for Every unit.
  • New names and Descriptions for Every unit
  • Realistic Vehicle speeds
  • Axis Now have the ability to build Trenches, bunkers, and Howitzer pits
  • And more...

This developer and his team have been working on this mod for quite awhile now, and have made several low-key changes to go with the major ones listed, for instance, the Unit text and descriptions have been modified for a particular faction i.e German Army is in German and vice versa, All Unit Uniforms and Symbols have been replaced to add to the authenticity.

More information can be found on this mod by visiting the official website, or checking out the Relic Forums.

Ok, well ive been working on a new mod for COH OF for a while now and it finally looks to be coming together. Me and my mod team have put Many, many hours of war into this mod which focuses on dates from 1939-1944.

I have implemented many new units, which have been mixed to create completely new tanks and soldiers for Historical accuracy.

These include: Pak 37 At gun Ju87 Panzer 38(t) Flak 37 88mm Artillery And Many More

Also Every single skin in-game has been reworked for serious historical accuracy, and also there are no at least 3 variations of each skin to counter the cloned look of previous mods.

All Unit Ui's and Symbols have been replaced, and Unit text and descriptions have been modified for that faction i.e German Army is in German and vice versa.

Tank projectiles and hand held weapons have been tuned for maximum authenticity.

Guns have been re-skined, as have buildings.

Sounds, such as weapons and other miscelanious have been changed, as have the dcotrines and its pictures.

v100 of the Realism Mod 1939-1945 should be released to the public within the next 2-3 weeks, so stay tuned!

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